Climbing to a Lost Lake

After Friday’s upward adventure, we took a more mellow approach to the mountain explorations on Saturday.

Nederland, CO – it’s nice to finally meet you!

8.13.11 010

While there are plenty of trails to choose from outside of Nederland, we had a few criteria that it needed to match: short, easy, beautiful.

When you start a hiking adventure at 1:30 pm, you have to stick to your guns. Those afternoon storms (that actually never came through) don’t mess around!

8.13.11 0068.13.11 004

I hope you aren’t sick of the mountain scenery yet; it’s so photogenic, I usually can’t resist. And I usually convince my hiking partner to just deal with the pauses.

Obviously they’re worth it:

8.13.11 0238.13.11 015
8.13.11 020

For this trek, we chose the “Lost Lake Trail”. It was supposedly a 3 hour (round-trip) adventure. We didn’t realize that you hike a few miles before even hitting the split in the trail, but eventually we saw that “Lost Lake” sign.

8.13.11 018

Following something called the “Devil’s Thumb” is always a good idea, FYI.

Lost Lake, you are so elusive! But you can’t hide, we see you tucked in there. And we see you from many angles.

8.13.11 0308.13.11 032
8.13.11 0348.13.11 035
8.13.11 041

That’s what we call a VIEW worth walking for.

Just take a second to tell Colorado she’s pretty – she appreciates it!

8.13.11 0458.13.11 043

We seceded to the fact that we could not climb any higher – the trail creators didn’t wish it to be (trust me, we tried). Instead, it was time to go down and let that lake do the talking.

8.13.11 050
8.13.11 0618.13.11 053
8.13.11 060

Apparently people come here to stay the night; I’m not much of a camper, but this is one idea I can definitely support.

D, I have every intention of coming back here with you – I wondered for a second if maybe you were hiding in that tent, waiting for us!

8.13.11 0268.13.11 029


Have you explored your surroundings lately? You might be surprised by what you find, I always am!



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3 responses to “Climbing to a Lost Lake

  1. Thank you for fufilling my need for seeing mountain scenery! 🙂 That lake is so beautiful!

  2. You guys will have to go hiking up to Hanging Lake sometime, it’s gorgeous!!! My dad took me on a hiking trip there once and I still think about the beauty of that lake! Thanks as always, for sharing your adventures with us. I for one, love it!

  3. You are sooo lucky to have a place like that so close to home. The lake looks incredible!

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