Ketchup Toast & the Norm

{A la RFF, Katie’s style}

I just ran 6 miles. I meant to do 3; I decided after 1 that I’d just wander and see where I ended up; I felt great after 4 and was still 2 miles from home.

It was exactly what this crowded brain of mine needed.


I can remember going to a Mexican restaurant growing up where I ordered chicken-fingers & fries (not shocking, see below). For some reason it also came with toast (?!), and I always put ketchup on the toast. Only at that restaurant; ketchup on toast.


On that note, my favorite thing to order as a kid was a plate full o’ fried chicken “fingers” (now, I wonder why they’re called fingers. And also, ew.) – but it had to come with a side of white gravy.

Let’s reiterate that I grew up in New Mexico.

GraduationWeekend 109100_0492


I’m not a huge fan of artichokes. I try to like them, and I just don’t.

I tried (very hard) to like pickles for years as a kid; I don’t buy them often at all, but whoa do I love them.


Let’s move away from the food talk….


At 25, it feels like I’m finally starting to embrace some sense of style. I used to watch “What Not to Wear’” and think if they asked me what my “style” was, I’d simply have a blank stare to give them.

That being said, I’d like all of the things in my Pinterest closet. ALL of them.



I’ve learned one big lesson recently; trying to decide what’s ‘normal’, or compare your normal to someone else’s, is a huge waste of energy.

Decide your own normal. Don’t think twice about it.


Let’s hear your random – and if you want to share,
your thoughts on ‘normal’?



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8 responses to “Ketchup Toast & the Norm

  1. Normal is overrated!

    Confession: when I eat a big greasy breakfast (okay, that is a confession in itself – lol), I love ketchup for my eggs and bacon (sorry) and always dip the toast in ketchup too.

    Your pickles are like my mushrooms. Could not stand them as a kid and can’t get enough now.

    I’d still have a blank stare for WNTW – someone needs to nominate me. 😛

  2. I love this post. I lived in Albuquerque, NM. Twice in my time. A part of me will always treasure that place. I loved pickles growing up; my grandma’s that is. I would also ONLY eat grandma’s fried chicken and gravy. No one could make like she did.

    What is ‘normal’ anyway? You’re right it’s what we decide it is. Besides, how fun would meeting people be if we were all normal i.e. the same. Great post!

    ps. I’m a mustard type of gal. I LOVE it on eggs and tater tots!

  3. oh you know I am the same. Ketchup and toast. Still gotta try that PB combo. haha.
    Glad you got to clear your mind in that run.
    Happy Friday!

  4. Well I own a very similar version of the grey and white striped shoes and the raybans in the photo. GET OUT OF MY CLOSET. 😛 jk.

  5. I love the randomness of this post. Kids always have random interests in food it seems. I remember a friend who liked to put ketchup on her eggs and I just though iiiick!

    I love your pinterest picks. I just signed up. I can see another time sucker in my future. Uh oh… And yes, it’s definitely hard to not compare yourself and your choices, purchases, foods, etc to others. For example, I’m not vegetarian, but sometimes in the food blog world, I just feel the pressure. But I have to know that my decisions are up to me and if I want to eat organic meat occasionally, that’s my decision to make and be okay with.

  6. I totally agree about your perspective on fashion. I’m 28 and feel like fashion can be fun, but also can be totally draining if you obsess over it. I like to wear things that I feel good in…things that work with my body. This is challenging enough! Love your pinterest closet 🙂

  7. Lauren

    Yay I love random! 🙂 And I totally remember the white gravy, chicken fingers and toast. Mmmm. I eat a lot of random stuff…and anything I eat can and often times will be eaten with salsa or ranch dressing on it. (trying to cut out the ranch but baby carrots just don’t taste the same without it!)
    Fashion wise: let’s just say I don’t shop at pac sun or zumiez anymore. 😉 Express= awesome. Target will always be my favorite store…that’s one thing that will never change. K I think I’m done now…I could go on awhile with random stuff. Great topic 😀

  8. ketchup on toast? i used to put mayo on grilled cheese sandwiches. EW.

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