The Tempo Push

On six hours of sleep, two glasses of wine & snacks-for-dinner*, I woke up and immediately began trying to convince my mind & legs that a Tempo Run sounded “fun”.

I would’ve settled for “manageable”, but they didn’t agree with either.

*After spending the night here, with the work-crew friends, I knew where that attitude was coming from (i.e. tired, wanting sleep, breakfast & coffee):

9.10 114 9.10 115
RedRocks.8.9 010
Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre | Morrison, CO

On a side note, quite an eclectic crowd comes out to see Stevie Nicks.
Very entertaining.


Back in my room at 6 a.m. this morning, I reluctantly put on running clothes, tied up the shoes & grabbed the fully charged Garmin.

Do it now, Do it Now, DO IT NOW. You definitely won’t want to do it later.
If you want to run faster, you have to RUN faster.

Not feeling motivated today? Tell yourself those things repeatedly; let them work a little magic.

After the warm-up (one mile), I set the virtual Run-buddy (v-RB) at 7:45 and hoped for the best. The “best” being that I make through each mile, one by one, without feeling death knocking down my morning-run-motivation door.

By the numbers: 7:50 – 7:26 – 7:12

The other stuff:
I swallowed one bug, and tried very hard to spit it out (eventually successful).
I paced myself carefully, and felt great (albeit a little bored) at the end.
The former was disgusting; the latter was a huge relief.

I had to stop 3 times for red lights, which I usually try hard to avoid during the Tempo miles. As it turns out, that’s not a pace-killer. Now I know.

By the end of mile 3, that “holy whoa I’m tired” feeling hit very suddenly. But it wouldn’t have been {what I deem a}  successful Tempo run without it!

At the start of that cool-down mile, my feet were floating. They were pretty pleased with themselves, and that finally-pushed-it-hard effort.


I know that I could’ve done that faster (and also could have gotten more sleep, and water, last night). And this plan of mine has some tweaking needs!


How will you push yourself this week?



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12 responses to “The Tempo Push

  1. I’m actually considering taking it easy today, as I’m getting the distinct feeling that pilates led to an overextended ankle (OY VEY!)

    Glad your run was top notch, though, great splits!

  2. nicely done girlfriend, it can be SO HARD to talk yourself into a run, especially when lack of water the night prior comes into play, hehe 😉

  3. ATTA GIRL! Way to convince those legs (and mind) what needed to be done, and LOOK! It went GREAT!

  4. Safe to say you have inspired me to get motivated today!

  5. Annie

    I need to borrow some of your motivation! Should get “Do it now, Do it now Do it now” tattooed on my face! Love that saying. Good work, HDC!

  6. Oh red rocks, I want to go there some day!!! It always looks so beautiful in photos. Those morning tempo or progression runs are not easy, especially after a late night. I’m pushing myself NOT to run too much this week. MY hamstring is cranky so I’m going on a ride tonight with a friend instead. I know it’s a better decision, but part of me still wants to run.

  7. I love Red Rocks! Such a wonderful venue to see a show! Good for you for hauling your butt *back* outside in the morning, using a similar mantra to mine: “Just put your shoes on. Now. How often do you finish a run feeling worse than when you started?” 🙂

  8. What a COOL venue!!! So cool!! I am having one of those weeks where getting up has been difficult…and its all leftover from my weekend..was at a conference and had a big weekend. But I reallythink it has more to do with dehydration than lack of sleep.

    Good for you on getting out there and rockin out that tempo run anyway. You go girl!

    • Heather C

      It’s amazing! If you’re ever in/near the Denver area, you should definitely check it out 🙂 They leave it open for hiking & workouts, too (people run the stairs – oof!).

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