Weekending with LOVE G.F.

A sunny Friday morning kicked off the weekend; I had a walk-date with Martha, and a mini photo-shoot with Wash Park  & its summer landscape.

I love this park; it’s hard not to be sucked in by the charm.

8.8.11 0248.8.11 0128.8.11 008
8.8.11 0108.8.11 017

I love that these summer flowers take over your attention, like there’s nothing else to see. I also love that the sprinklers put on a show for us.

8.8.11 021
8.8.11 022
8.8.11 0268.8.11 027

I love that my camera captured that rainbow, it was definitely the show’s headliner.

Following this, I had a coffee date with Maddy from Love Grown Foods. She is so friendly, fun, & business savvy! This gal has accomplished SO much, its incredible to see how far they’ve come with this granola business in just a few short years.

8.8.11 029

I love that Maddy & Becca took time out of their days to share a cup o’ joe with me, it was so fun to meet them! And so fun to be spoiled with a lot of granola.

7.30 033
7.30 046

That Cocoa Goodness has my heart. These bags don’t last long in our kitchen!


Saturday started with 14 miles of running; I love that it’s a cool 65* when I get started at 7 a.m.. I don’t love that it’s almost 90* by the time I finish.

These miles were finished with strong legs, that battled a few fickle mind games. I was definitely ready to be done, shower and resume weekending activities.

When you know a cold smoothie topped with Cocoa Goodness is waiting to be made, getting to the end of that long run is totally worth it!

8.8.11 002
8.8.11 0038.8.11 065

Cocoa Goodness Berry Smoothie

1 ripe banana (the riper the better, texture preferences taken into account)
~1/2c  frozen mixed berries (I don’t usually measure these)
1/2 c Plain, non-fat Greek Yogurt
1/3 c Cocoa Goodness LGF granola

Blend the first three ingredients until smooth. Top with the LGF granola, and grab a spoon!

Trust me, you’ll love it too.


What did you love about your weekend?



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8 responses to “Weekending with LOVE G.F.

  1. That park looks amazing and how fun would it be running through those sprinklers on the path?

    Score on the granola – that stuff looks and sounds gooood.

    I loved being handed a cold chocolate milk after my race – got to love a tri series called “Recharge with Milk” 🙂

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  3. I LOVE the rainbow pictures!!

    And I lovedddddd the time spent in the sun this weekend.

  4. Great run! I still have yet to try that granola. I need to get with the program! lol. My favorite part of the weekend was finally getting in a longer run without shin pain! Yay!

  5. yay maddy! we adore her and you! and of course granola!! Beautiful

  6. Mamacita

    Pretyy summer pics, looks like you had a fun weekend.

    Love, Mamacita

  7. Seriously obsessed with Cocoa Goodness – it’s my all-time favorite granola that’s ever been made. And Maddy is amazing. A true shining inspiration!

  8. i love wash park. so gorgeous. I also love your shorts lady!

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