Gum-free, Peach-craving & more

Alternative Title: Random Friday Facts, a la Katie

We’ll start with me:

1. We have a houseguest for the month; a friend of D’s is in Denver for a Med School rotation. We have a pretty sweet three-piece set up here, a constant buddy around! He cooked us fish tacos for dinner on Tuesday night, hence I immediately decided he can stay.

 The recipe: Tilapia, corn & black bean salsa, geek yogurt sauce (cayenne +garlic powder + lime juice + s/p + cumin), corn tortillas & a hungry group of three.

Yup, that is a two-thumbs-up dinner.

2. I used to chew two pieces of gum at the same time, all the time.

For no particular reason, I haven’t bought a single pack of gum since the day before we left DC.

3. I am far from being a grammar or spelling expert, but it drives me cah-razy when the following words aren’t used right: there/their, your/you’re, here/hear.

Mostly the middle one, though. Seriously.

4. I’m a little food-safety crazy. If you had to take “ServSafe” more than once, you would be too. There’s a good reason I rarely eat Sushi

5. There’s a journal sitting on my nightstand; I write in it a few times a week. You know, the pen & paper kind? Yup, those still exist.

On that note, I still send my Grandma post-cards and letters. Just sticking with her preferred method of communication, and reminding myself that there are ways to have conversations that don’t involve a bright screen.

notebook 008fishtacosgum


Now, Food & Nutrition style:

6. Protein: Eggs contain the highest quality protein in any food, and the entire thing is edible – even the shell!

I don’t think you should add it to salads or anything, but I do think that’s interesting.

7.  One pound = 3500 calories. Recommended intake (loose term here, especially with athletes in the mix) = 2,000 calories per day.

This means, in order to gain a pound in one day, you’d have to eat 5,500 calories.
That’s A LOT, just to put the “I gained __lbs yesterday” expression into context.

8. Celiac’s Disease: is where this gluten-free eating thing started. It’s been around for a long time. The FDA is now “making moves” to clarify the label Gluten-Free.

9.  Peaches are here! In season! Did you catch that yet? I love them.

Here are other useful facts about this juicy summer luxury: 
1 medium peach = ~50 calories
          *Source of vitamins A & C
          *Source of potassium
          *Tastes good in: yogurt, salsa, smoothies, marinades, my hands, etc.

8.19 0037.30 071

10. I have three ears of Farmers’ Market corn waiting anxiously to be used, and I think this needs to be re-created, ASAP:

8.4 080


Go for it! Tell me something random that just popped in your head.



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18 responses to “Gum-free, Peach-craving & more

  1. Um, I would freak out if I didn’t have at least two packs of gum at all times. I’m addicted. LOL. Random thought? I’m pretty sure if someone dared me, I could eat a whole jar of peanut butter (or any nut butter) in a day. 😉

  2. I LOVE this edition! Hooray for RFF!

  3. * There are few things that gross me out more than sushi, to be honest.

    * I am training myself to be able to write with my left hand. As this disease does more damage to my right side, I deem it essential to learn to write (somewhat clearly) with my left hand.

    * PALISADE PEACHES = LOVE (they are not at THEIR best, yet, but I think in the coming weeks they will be better)

  4. A fellow RD and I were just having a conversation yesterday about food safety as we both stood and looked at a green bean salad left out in the office free for anyone to take. It looked so tasty, but neither of us could eat it because we didn’t know how long it had been sitting there! We blamed it on ServSafe.

  5. Jamie

    The last peach I had was super gross… Think I’ll hit up the Farmer’s Market this weekend to get some that actually taste good!

  6. i love all your random facts. And I saw that article on the FDA with GF. interesting. Lets see what they actually do, haha.
    I chew gum a lot. But not 2 pieces. I should probably move to denver so I can quit.

    YOUR so right! haha, did you catch that? (tee hee- i mean youre silly)

    • Heather C

      “I should probably move to denver so I can quit” Ha! yes, it must’ve been the mountains that convinced me 😉

  7. I have chewed MAYBE the equivalent of one pack of gum all year!

  8. I love peaches too!
    Random thought – shredded lettuce is pretty gross and slimy. it ruins sandwiches and should be banned.

  9. I used to be an avid gum chewer myself, we are talking like a pack in two days. Yikes! One day I decided I didn’t want to do it anymore. I went for a month without, tried a piece, and had to ditch it because the texture just disgusted me! lol. Habit kicked! I agree about the grammar stuff too. I guess I spent one too many years on the yearbook staff in high school. 😉

  10. Lauren

    I love making random lists! I used to do it on your fb wall the time 😀
    1. I still chew 2 pieces of gum at a time…and I blame you for introducing it to me.
    2. I miss New Mexico
    3. I still want to visit you in Denver in the summer, guess it will have to be next summer so don’t move kthanks.
    4. I’m sick of eating Panera food.
    5. I want a peach

  11. I love this post! 😀 Something random from my head? There are raspberries in my in-laws’ garden that are ripe for the pickin’! We live with them – time to head outside for a handful. 😉 Happy weekend, Heather!

  12. I ate a delicious peach yesterday. There are so many great fruit choices available during this time of year!

  13. Love these types of posts! Fun to know more about you. I used to be a gum addict, but now I hardly ever chew it…like maybe twice a year. Ha. And now I’m craving peaches. 🙂

  14. Holy crazy random relation, but I chewed gum 2 pieces at a time as well. I thought just Nick Lachey and I had that nasty habit. Did you just give up cold turkey?!

    • Heather C

      Sure did! And now, when I have a piece it only lasts a few minutes for I have to spit it out. Weird, but apparently works like magic if you want to kick the habit 😉

  15. Mmm…peaches! And I definitely write my grandma letters because she really appreciates getting a piece of mail. It’s like a present she receives every time.

  16. Kris

    Had surgery last week. Gallbladder out. Surgery ok. Problems with anesthesia….now craving peaches, never had this craving before. They are delicious and in the supermarket now. Eating 4-5 per day.


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