Tone, Set

Everyday I’m shufflin’.

The training plan days have been shuffled around every day this week; I woke up Monday morning and started running. It took me about 10 minutes to realize I had the lululemon Run Club that night, and was therefore in for a double dose.

Ah, memory, what happened to you? Leaving me at 25?

Ending at 3 miles hasn’t happened voluntarily in a while, but it was worth having another run to head out on after work. It was a total downpour; the one other person who braved the rain, and I, had a pretty nice n’ easy run.

It may have just been worth the mileage split.


I skipped track for Yoga (and to stay dry, out of rain) on Tuesday, and joined some friends at Qi Ryders yesterday. My hamstrings & triceps have a lot to say about that combination, and my feet are wondering what happened to their “plan”.

My plan is wondering what happened to consistent mileage, and my mind is left with the task of pleasing them all. If nothing else, it was an opportunity to throw in some LMFAO ‘gangsta’ love, right?


This morning I had some make-up work to do, and a mood-swing to wear down. I woke up early, finally tuned up my tiny iPod shuffle (seriously, SO SMALL) and set out for some miles.

It was 6:15 a.m., and Denver was sunny but sleeping.

8.4.11 004

As always, this did everything I wanted it to do: I felt great, I ended fast, and I got in seven miles. Tone for the day? It has been set.



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9 responses to “Tone, Set

  1. YES!! I love when a good run sets the tone for the day AND shakes loose a bad mood. Onward, my friend!

  2. I have the same shuffle – love how teeny tiny it is! I clip it on and don’t even know it’s there.

    Nice start to your day!

  3. hahahah, yup, you get old and everything goes to hell. wait until you turn 30 and can tie your boobs in a knot.

  4. I love those kinds of mornings. I struggle as well with fitting in everything my mind and body want/need, especially during marathon training. I can’t wait to let the running hours slide a bit and get back to hot yoga more often and bike riding!

  5. I would love to run before starting my day every day. My two beautiful girls don’t let that happen though. My very supportive hubby is at at work before most if not all runners are awake (even those trying to beat the summer heat). Alas, only my weekends are allowed to have a run to start their days.

    Glad your run put you in a good mood. Movement is so energized…quite the opposite of what most people think.

    • Heather C

      I hope that means the Hubs at least gets to come home early, too 🙂

      I always remind myself that exercise makes you feel *better*, never worse. “movement is so energized” couldn’t be more true!

  6. Rain is my favorite environment for a run, Heather. Thank you so much for going 🙂

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