Wordless Wednesday: Wake Up

“Wordless” being a relative term here…

How I woke up yesterday (as part of an Anusara/Vinyasa class):

Picnik collage

Going upside down before 7 a.m. is no easy task.
But it works just as well as coffee.

How I woke up today, Warrior Workout style:


Where I’d love to wake up and run tomorrow:


Really, I’d take either one.

What has rendered you ‘speechless’ lately?



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9 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Wake Up

  1. well this heat has rendered me speechless, does that count? haha, gorgeous view though friend!

  2. a headstand first thing in the morning? that is hardcore!

    the pouring rain I woke up to today left me pretty much speechless, but I ran in it for 70 minutes anyway!

  3. the no-bike-seat thing still weirds me out, just FYI. DC would love to see you!

  4. Jamie

    I hiked in Boulder on Sunday- It was so pretty and I hadn’t been there in ages. I think I will have to make the trip a little more often!

  5. Oh my word I would love to wake up in DC. That’s the one place I’ve told my husband he never has to ask if I want to move there. If he ever gets a job offer there he can automatically say yes without talking to me about it and I’ll be thrilled.

  6. I love going upside in the morning – it’s better than coffee!

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