Summer Zucchini Recipes

Apparently my boss knows the secret for giant zucchinis; she brought in a few of them to the office last week and we all reaped the benefits of her gardening skills.

The only thing I ever do with this summer squash is slice it into discs and sauté it for pasta, quinoa, rice or salads. This green giant was meant for better things.

8.2.11 001

Look at that thing jutting out (and yes, that’s a much larger than normal Veg stash for the week. We have a visitor!); it’s demanding use and starlight.

8.2.11 005

Bare with me as I play with some lighting and realize the photos look very different on the computer vs on my tiny camera screen.

I started with what I know best; pizza, obviously.

Peeled Zucchini & Basil Pizza

1/4 zucchini
1 fresh tomato
Purple onion slices (I never measure these, use as much as you’d like)
4-5 leaves of fresh basil
~1 c marinara sauce (depending on the size of your pizza)
Mozzarella cheese to taste (see above note on measurement)
Pizza dough, ready to be rolled & stretched (we get this at Whole Foods)

Since I’m sure you all know how to assemble a pizza, here’s the only trick: use a peeler to ‘slice’ the zucchini into tiny strips that dress the top of your pie. See how thin & crispy they got? Perfect texture & taste.

Bake for ~12-15 minutes (depending on what kind of dough / crust you use).

8.2.11 010

Melted goodness.


Last night, I left the peeler aside and meticulously sliced half of that zucchini into tiny strips. Basically slicing it as though it could be made into “fries”, then slicing those in half (lengthwise), then cutting the slices into thirds (so you have ~2 inch long, thin pieces).

This time, it was destined for pasta.

Zucchini & Pasta with ‘Cream’ Sauce

1/2 zucchini
Purple onion (amount is up to you)
Fresh basil (to taste)
1 box pasta (Quinoa curly-cues, in this case)
1 cup Marinara sauce (I used Organic chunky tomato sauce)
1/2 cup Non-fat plain greek yogurt

While the pasta cooks, slice more purple onion & grab more fresh basil from your new kitchen friend (aka plant). Heat ~1-2 tbsp of olive oil over medium, and then add the zucchini, onions & basil.  Add a little salt & pepper, sauté until veggies are cooked through.

Meanwhile, combine the yogurt & marinara sauce – stir thoroughly. Drain noodles & toss in the ‘cream’ sauce. Combine with veggies & garnish with fresh basil, just for looks.

8.2.11 012

8.2.11 0158.2.11 020

What plans do you have for your zucchini? I still have 1/4 left, which in this case, leaves room for a another whole recipe. Suggestions welcomed!



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8 responses to “Summer Zucchini Recipes

  1. My Grandma has zucchini like that in her garden! Awesomeness. Thanks for the ideas. I really need to try adding greek yogurt to my tomato sauce. I love creamy sauces!

  2. I LOVE zucchini. My favorite is how my mom makes it – sauteed with a little bit of garlic, onions and olive oil and fresh tomato sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. YUM!!

  3. That pasta dish looks amazing! 🙂 I really like roasted zucchini or making zucchini fries dipped in marinara sauce!

  4. My friend made a zucchini “lasagna” using zucch slices instead of noodles. It was FANNNNtastic!

  5. Perfect timing for these zucchini ideas. I picked up 2 MASSIVE ones from the Farmer’s Market and they deserve to be used up in a yummy recipe!


  6. Definitely making that pasta soon! I like to put zucchini in lasagna or quesadillas…yum!

  7. Annie

    That pizza looks lovely, hdc! My absolute go-to meal this summer has been stuffed zucchini— make a lil brown rice or quinoa, add some grilled red /yellow/ green peppers, tomatoes, onions, beans … Anything really. Mix the ingredients w a little hummus or perhaps salsa if you are south western. Then “stuff” a zucchini ( sliced down the middle and hollowed out w a Mellon baller) with the mixture and cook for abt 10 minutes. Top w cheese and viola! Dinner!

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