One Way to Saturday

After we spent last Sunday on the Boulder Creek Path, it was obvious this had to be used for a run, too. It was not obvious how differently some of the inclines would feel on foot (vs two-wheels), but that was a quick lesson learned.

Denver, I had to get away from you and your Cherry Creek Trail. As convenient as that paved, non-stop route is, my mind can only hand so much. We needed a change of scenery!

Boulder, you know I heart you. Accolades galore.

I woke up at 6 for a quick breakfast and cup of caffeine, before hitting the road. The 30 minute drive (no one else driving west on 36 at 7 a.m.? Just me?) was more than worth the morning that resulted.

12 miles to go…

25.Birthday 01325.Birthday 019
25.Birthday 024 25.Birthday 030

From where I started, the trail went West for about 3 miles. Having been on the bikes last time, I had no concept of how far the first out & back would take me, but that definitely fell short of expectations. For whatever mind-trick reason, I felt better about having turned around after 4 miles, so I hopped on Four Mile Canyon Rd.

In hindsight, not my best run-smart moment, but it worked.

Narrow road, cyclist-friendly but runner-empty. I quickly ran my extra mile and hopped back onto the safe, car-free trail.

I hit my starting point with 4 miles to go, which almost flew by too fast. Having the mountains on the horizon for the last 2 was the best distraction.

25.Birthday 033

The last few strides landed me right at the Farmers’ Market, ready to shop.

12 miles, 1:44 (avg 8:40)

And because I anticipated sweaty-messness, I quickly changed into flip-flops & a new tank to spare the morning crowd at least a little bit of stink.

7.30 0697.30 070

This Market blows every one that I’ve been in Denver out of the water; there are no comparisons. You have plenty of choices from various Farms, a few local food vendors & a lot of delicious samples. In other words, it’s the best place to fuel up after a long run. And I did just that.

7.30 0627.30 067
7.30 0637.30 064

I grabbed some sort of Berry-amazing smoothie that contained berries (clearly), pineapple and banana. And whoa, did it hit the spot!

As did those Colorado peaches, that have finally joined the produce party! Juicy goodness and recipe experiments to come.

Sidenote: below you’ll see my second basil plant of the summer. Surprisingly, I kept the first alive for almost 3 whole months. Maybe we can shoot for 4 with this one.

7.30 071
7.30 077

Scores: tomatoes, corn, peaches, basil & smoothie.

This is one Saturday routine I could definitely get used to.



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9 responses to “One Way to Saturday

  1. awww, so beautiful. Both the run, the trail, and the colorful food! happy day indeed!

  2. Woo! Way to rock that 12 miler!! And the farmer’s market afterwards? Perfection.

  3. Woohoo!! An awesome 12 mile run AND a farmers market on such a beautiful day. That is what I call perfection. 😀

  4. Perfect morning! 🙂 Those peaches are screaming my name! lol.

  5. oh how you are making me crave nature!! i dearly love the ocean in miami, but soooo miss trees and grass

  6. Oooh, so worth the drive! That looks like a great route, and no better place to finish that the FM! Nice run!!!

  7. Lauren

    “Spare the morning crowd at least a little bit of stink…” HAHAHAHA!!! I think that is the funniest line you have ever written in your blog. I’m still laughing out loud at it. That farmers market and running trail looks amazing!!

  8. Sooooo amazing! You make me want to move there…

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