Just a Few Things: Summer Friday Edition

The end of this week has left my brain without a cohesive thought. Or maybe it’s the sleeping an hour past my alarm and smaller-than-usual cup o’ joe?

Apparently my brain only functions on a set morning formula.

Either way, these days call for the meme I created on that one blog I used to write. Remember those days – anyone? (Clueback, Sass, Marlene, Amber, Morgan..? My brain is drawing some blanks!)

Without further random tangents, I bring you a few thoughts:

Confession: We have been counting the days until the Denver IKEA opens up!

It’s open. And I’m a little scared to go in there…I’ve been so nice to my wallet lately, and I know the persuasive powers of those perfectly set-up room displays (especially those kitchens, ah!), and the inexpensively priced warehouse floor with everything you think you need.

I also know how easy it is to get legitimately lost in that store, and quite frankly I’d rather spend my Friday afternoon by the pool than trying to follow those confusing signs, arrows, and house set ups.

Realization: Oatmeal is no friend of summer, and I just may have finally kicked this breakfast habit. This is huge if you know me and my routine….HUGE.

Over the past week I’ve tagged in pb + banana sandwiches (baby steps here, I still want my nut butter fix), and today I went with a smoothie mix that is not only cooling me down (vs causing a morning sweat – gross), but also using a frozen fruit that I’m not typically a fan of.

Seriously, breakfast-comfort-zone, you’re donezo. Adios.

Obsession: Two things: the book “RUN!” by Dean Karnazes, and Abe Lincoln quotes (see yesterday’s post). Read this quote and try to tell me you wouldn’t just have to finish that chapter before going to bed:

When the impossible suddenly becomes possible, the mind expands and the world grows.

-Chapter 15, by Topher Gaylord

True story, Topher.

Want: A pace-buddy and 12-mile route around Boulder for tomorrow morning. I refuse to set foot on the Cherry Creek Trail; that’s me being rebellious against a route that my legs have put up with one too many times.

Need: The UPS man to stop leaving notes that he tried to deliver that package from the Sis, and just DELIVER IT. Kthanks.

Up: My weekly mileage! Finally!

MCM, I’m feeling strong. I hope you’ll be ready for me (in 13 weeks).

Down: I have no answer for this one, I won’t take that as a bad thing.

In: My newest Run buddy, the iPod Shuffle(!!!). It was a birthday gift from D’s family (Thank You!), and I am beyond excited to have this teeny tiny little friend join me tomorrow.

Seriously, have you seen the newest model? TEENY tiny. Like, whoa.

Out: My interest in Pinterest.

I think it’s a cool idea. but I just don’t think “PIN IT!” every time I see an image I like. And while I like the boards I have set up, I also have a lot of things on there that will never make it off the wish-list, so it’s kind of just a tease, right?

I think we may just need a little more time to get to know each other. At the very least, it does remind me of a few things I really love:

Strong bookshelf happy


Feel free to fill in a few blanks or two. And feel free to throw out your favorite summer breakfast ideas – I’ve got seven days of the week to fill up now!



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17 responses to “Just a Few Things: Summer Friday Edition

  1. Wow. That running quote is amazing. I need to read this book!!

    I’ve still been eating oatmeal most mornings, but lately have been addicted to this combo: cinnamon raisin bagel thin (or light english muffin) with peanut butter and banana sliced on top. Divine.

  2. I remember your old blog! Hand raised high!!

    I hear ya on oatmeal making you sweat in the summer. I am much more of a smoothie and iced coffee person these days. Though I’m drinking a hot coffee right now and it’s totally making me uncomfortably warm, lol!

    I like Pinterest because I’ve been pinning “wedding inspiration” things on it and it’s helping me get a better ‘vision’ around what I want! But that’s all I’ve really been using it for.

    Happy Friday!

    • Heather C

      Ha, yes! Three hands raised 😉 Now that I think about it, there are quite a few people that transferred over with me. Yet another example of how slowly my brain was working this a.m…..

  3. I have NO idea what Pinterest is, although I keep hearing about it. I am so out of the loop. Pretty sure it has to do with Smartphones (??), which I don’t have!

    Hope you find some company and a new route for that 12 miler!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    • Heather C

      No smart phone needed! I actually don’t have a clue how to do it on my blackberry, only on the computer. Which means I don’t “pin” too often 😉

  4. shauna

    don’t give up oatmeal, make cold oatmeal. put your oats in a bowl with whatever else you like – fruit, nuts – then soak ’em overnight in soymilk in the fridge. the next morning, you have cold oatmeal that is delicious and healthy! (PS if you are skeptical, i got the idea from au bon pain’s muesli – not healthy at all but DELICIOUS so give it a shot!)

  5. Of course I remember! If it hadn’t been for that blog (or that awful half marathon) we would have never met.

    • heatherdc

      I Knooow. So crazy (crazy Awesome).

      JJW, we may not respect you (hence your nick-name), but you did at least one good thing.

  6. i am so behind on pinterest. all my boards are blank, haha. Oh well. Its a cool idea Im just not creative enough.

    Can I be your pace buddy?

  7. I must comment…

    That pose is ridiculous! I wouldove to aspire to that. The book shelf is awesome. I don’t own enough books to fill it like that (borrow from fam and library….same thing for movies).

    As for Paris (Eiffle Tower…right?) I will he there next April! A find and I got tired of saying we will go…eventually. We have plane tickets and our hotel! So excited. Already said that I will be out for a run at least one of the days.

  8. I remember your old blog!!

    My breakfast is consistently greek yogurt + banana + granola. Throw in berries if I have them…

  9. Hi Heather.

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and love your recipe posts (especially some of your bean burger ones). But I have a question that maybe you can help me with. I am a runner. I recently injured myself, i did go to the doctor and they say it is just a muscle, but its has been three weeks now and i am still not 100% back to running conditions. This is very troublesome to me because I miss that “high” a lot!

    I run about 5 miles a day, giving myself a day of rest. (I know thats not great only one day of rest, but I love running too much.) The pain I have is where my thigh muscle and groin meet. The pain isn’t as server as it had been, I can walk again with out pain. So my question is, do I just keep waiting until I feel no pain to begin running again? So you think old shoes could have caused it? I plan on getting new shoes very soon (mine are maybe 2 or 3 years old) but I have been doing other work outs to keep being active, but I really miss that runners high. Is it normal for an injury to take this long to heal? I am 23 and have been running steadily for 4 years now.



  10. This was a fun one. I remember your Tuesday Trials posts. I loved those. 🙂 Ikea is a fun place to be, but a bit overwhelming for me.

  11. I’m more of a yogurt and frappucino girl in the summer:)

  12. Congrats on IKEA 🙂 Since I’m Scandinavian I’ve been going to IKEA since my whole life, but I remember how exciting it was when the first one opened here in the Bay Area (where I live now)- plus I love the soft serve ice cream there/stocking up on Swedish goodies!
    I just discovered Pinterest recently…haha a little late on the game I’ll say

  13. Lauren

    I’m glad you finally got your package 😀 😀 And now that I have finally had my first IKEA experience I know what you are talking about!

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