The One Where We Read Things That Already Happened

The lovely Anne tagged me in the never-ending meme going around this little blog world – “Seven Links”. Basically you take the superlatives below and link back to things you’ve already posted, drawing attention to them again.

No new news, here!

Really though, this is the beauty of a blog. You’re able to look back days, weeks, months or even years to what you were doing on exact days, during different training plans (everyone lives by their training plans, right? I think so, too), moments after big ol’ Life decisions, etc.

So, let’s take a look back…

Most ‘Beautiful’ Post

While I’ve read tons of these memes from other bloggers, I’m still not sure what exactly I’d file under “beautiful”. Instead, I’m taking the adjective and slapping it on the mountains.

Boulder, you’re beautiful.

25.Birthday 034
Boulder 002
We may as well live there, but it’s expensive and filled with college kiddos, so we don’t.

Instead, we escape Denver to play there instead. See below:
You Can’t Have a Bad Day in Boulder
FHBC: Reasons We’re Here
Green Mountain Summit

There are more, but I think I broke the “rules” already so that’ll have to do for now. Boulder, you get enough attention, you know I love you.


Most Popular Post

Confession: I’ve used WordPress for 3 years now and just realized (thanks to this little assignment) that there is an “All Time” Top Posts page.

According to this little page o’ stats, it turns out the post who still gets the most traffic is from our Vegetarian, Paleo & Gluten-Free Dinner Party. Apparently a lot of people are looking for this exact eclectic crowd-pleaser menu.



Most Controversial Post

If you’ve been around as long as I have been writing, you know that I don’t put too much out there. This is both for your entertainment and for the sake of a fuzzy line that I’ve drawn and choose to stand behind. Blogging is different for everyone, so take that however you want to.

That being said, I did write (what I consider) a personal post for my good friend Rebecca’s “Me Movement”. If there’s ever a time to put yourself ‘out there’ on the web, it’s for something “all about ME”, right?

See, fuzzy line? You’re ignored sometimes.

Healthier & Happier, Putting Me First


Most Helpful Post(s)

Depends on why you’re looking for “help” – running? eating? RD-ing?

I gotcha covered.

Newton Running Clinic – Barefoot vs. Minimalist vs The Nikes
How Clean Are Your Foods
The Road to RD – How I got there, in case it helps someone else do the same!


A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

Rather than looking through the post lists and comparing comment counts (which I have no desire, nor the attention span, to do), I thought of the first post my brother commented on. 1) I had no idea he read the blog (Hi, J! Heh) and 2) I had no idea he would feel compelled to say something about yoga.

Sometimes, this little world surprises me. And sometimes, I measure success by the attention of random commenters. My rules here.

My Home Yoga Studio {yes, we have one in the new apartment, too.}

1.25 0251.25 0181.25 009


A Post I Didn’t Think Got the Attention it Deserved

First, let’s let that category sink in. I’m not sure how to decide which posts “should have been” more popular.

Except race recaps. Obviously those should get  lots of attention….

Anywho, since I’ve already listed more than the “seven” links, I’ll think we’ll let this one slip! Instead, you can put your own post that didn’t get attention if you want to. That sounds more fun, and entertaining.


And the last link is…

The Post I am Most Proud of

I’ve done a lot of things outside the comfort-zone “box” throughout the last few years, and a lot of things that challenged me and really made me question my own sanity.

But, what I’m “proud” of? The Denver RnR Marathon.

Training in DC, and then transitioning to Mile-High altitude? Not easy.

Training harder to beat my first-marathon “PR”, not feel like total death by the end, and get in sub-4? Doable, and DONE.

Run with me.

DenverRnRwkend 078DenverRnRwkend 065


So there you go, Seven+ links and a lot of looking back at things that happened long ago in the days of DOTR.

Enjoy! And if you’re up for it, consider yourself tagged!



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10 responses to “The One Where We Read Things That Already Happened

  1. where is the all time top post thing? i use the “best day” one at the bottom of “site stats” but it tells you about a day, not a post, unless they fell together.

  2. I have to admit – each time I have read one of these over the last week, I find myself hoping NOT to be tagged at the end. It just looks HARD! You did a great job with it. Fun to look back on some old favorite posts. 🙂

  3. I think those were a great 7 links. It’s a fun way to read posts I missed from not having been a long time reader or because I’ve been working like bananas.

    but yes some of the titles make it hard to think of things!

    • Heather C

      That’s how I’ve felt about some of the bloggers I’ve read do it! Good way to catch up on the “before I read here” posts 😉

  4. Yay! I loved that post you wrote for the Me Movement.

    • Heather C

      Thanks! 🙂 It was easier than write than I thought it would be, makes me think I should put more of that kind of info out there. I feel like the more people talk about those things, the better it is for anyone who might be going through it, too.

  5. Lauren

    Is there a “Favorite blog my sister wrote”?? 😉 😉 Totally joking…on another note, I’m so happy you came to fb because clearly I used to check three, now down to two, sites when I’m on the computer. Gmail and facebook. (third used to be my NMSU account) so yea I don’t really get out in the internet world much but I LOVE your blog! And I’ve gotten other people reading it too! Yay! I liked this recap thing a lot.

  6. I love the dinner party recap — I’m so high-maintenance as far as what I’m able to eat, and it’s always nice to see a group of people still find a way to “break bread together” and celebrate with a meal that doesn’t leave anyone feeling awkward. Jealous of your home yoga studio! 😉

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