The Way My Brain Works at 6 a.m.

The last thing I wanted to do this morning was wake up and get out of bed; the last thing that seemed possible was being alert enough to enjoy yoga.

Two things woke that lazy attitude up, 1) the challenge and 2) the unlimited month Groupon (at Qi) that I’ve already activated but rarely use.

These months slip by quickly! Geeze July, slow down.


Today’s message was timely, as Alex constantly reminded us to clear the mind. Easy! Done! I’m not thinking about anything!

E-mails I haven’t answered yet. To-do list at work. Track club tonight – hold off on the rain this time, Denver! Is it time to go to Hawaii yet (countdown: 4 months)? I wonder if I should try to do my long run on Friday this week…I should go to the run club on Thursday morning…HELLO, these quads are tight.

I think my mind forgot what “clear” means.


After an hour of reminding my mind to zone out, relax, engage, and zone out again, I think we finally got there. In fact, I think we fell asleep in Savasana.

If that’s not what savasana is for,  I don’t want to know.
Just let me do things my way.

After an hour of stretching, pulling, folding, back-bending and kicking up, I felt a little more a wake. I also felt grateful for the alarm that went off and reminded me to put lazy in the back of my mind.


What did you get out of bed for this morning?



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12 responses to “The Way My Brain Works at 6 a.m.

  1. My mind always wandered like that during yoga – when I was actually going to yoga. (oops)

    Hawaii??? NICE! Those 4 months will go quickly.

  2. I’ve been going to a 6am swim class twice a week for over a month now. While not a morning person, once I’m up I’m up … and it’s been great. I figured I might as well stick with the schedule, and all of last month I used a similar unlimited-month Groupon for 6am Bikram on days I wasn’t swimming. That month is over, but I have another two-month Groupon that I may save awhile, since I also have to squeeze in a boot camp LivingSocial deal!

    • Heather C

      Having it become routine is so key! I think that’s where I struggle – this is the only early yoga class I go to, so its never easy to wake up for it 🙂

  3. wait, i want to go to hawaii with you!!!

  4. My 4 year old, quickly followed by her 1 year old sis. They wake up way too early.

    I fell asleep (I think) last week in savasana. So nice and relaxed.

  5. Now I’d get up for that! Unfortunately I got up to get to work… Definitely not as fun.

  6. thats exactly how my brain works too, sadly. Takes the whole class time to clear it, then super relaxed and i find myself is savasana snooze.

  7. I woke up this morning for my second ever spin class! It is growing on me! 🙂

  8. Lauren

    Yea I def woke up at 5:20 to go to work…but it woke me up! And better than the days last week I had to BE at work by 5. Oof. However, opening the bakery and smelling all the bagels and sweets isn’t a bad way to start my day! Besides the fact that I have to watch other people eat them instead of me…the smell still makes me happy though! hehe.

  9. I totally *almost* fell asleep in savasana yesterday. One more minute, and I’d have been out. haha. We went to yoga straight after Tread (a running/strength training class), and I was in need of a little rest. 🙂 This morning, I let my body sleep til it woke up – 7:24AM! – and I’m off to yoga at 9:00. 🙂

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