Tempo Test, Round 1

I had track plans for Tuesday night, a first-date with a club that meets much closer (i.e. not near the Tech Center) than the one I went to last week.

Denver had other plans – thunderstorms & rain, to be specific.

The past few weeks of Colorado summer have taught me that these skies are fickle friends; they play nice with the hot sun all morning, but quickly reveal a bipolar side and dump water (or ya know, hail) all over the place.

Surprise! So fun.

7.13.11 002

Anywho, I spent the night relaxing on the couch and writing a letter to my 24-years of life. Not quite the evening I had anticipated, but entertaining all the same.


With Wednesday morning came a decision – speed-work solo? Or another “easy” run to get in the miles?

You can only become a faster runner if you RUN FASTER.

So simple, so true.
So daunting at 6:30 a.m., on my first tempo run of the ‘season’.

I made my way down to the trail on a slow warm-up mile, and decided on a 8:00 min/mile goal pace – not my fastest, but it beats staying in the comfort zone, right? Listen to me, legs!

Two miles later I had logged 7:50 & 7:36. I have no idea how to stay consistent, unless I’m running along with a group, and apparently I never will. Not even the Garmin can save me on this one.

Unfortunately, tempo running is not like “riding a bike”. I never hop right back into it; I overshoot my energy levels and end up totally exhausted. Instead of a death-slog through one more of those miles, I went for “800s”.

Sure, that sounds good. The beauty of having no plan is not having to follow a plan!

The next two “800s” (i.e. half-miles) clocked in at a 7:50 pace (3:54) and a 6:50 pace (3:27). I have no idea what my muscles are up to sometimes.

6 miles (total), 50:12, average 8:15 pace*
does not include walk-breaks before/after the 800s, necessary this round to prevent a heart strike. I feel you, Heart Rate. You’ve made your point!


The gist of all this? It felt great to push myself (without the group adrenaline) again, and it was a great way to gauge where this training plan is starting. Next month, I do this plan-less run again (i.e. 2 mi + 2 x 0.5 mi) and see if those numbers look any different.

Maybe in the wisdom and maturity of being 25, I’ll run faster, too! Mmhm.



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4 responses to “Tempo Test, Round 1

  1. i’m so impressed with your speed, nice job. Hope that hail didn’t do any damame, eeek!!

    and happy birthday!!! Its tomorrow, right?

  2. Way to push it!!! You will get the hang of this stuff again – you still have lots of speed in those legs, clearly!

    I won’t be around for a few days so HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Great run! I don’t have a group to run with and find myself getting out the door easily, going on long runs, and moving each day enough but not running fast… It might help my motivation if I was training for something but I still am inspired to push hard by myself because of you – way to go!

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