A Letter To 24

To the year of {twenty-four}…

I’m about to leave you behind, but not without drawing attention to the ridiculousness that was your 365 days.

Let’s start off with the obvious, you were quite the shock to my system.

Things started with a big move on the horizon! If there’s one way to throw your early 20s for a loop, heading across the country to a new city is definitely it.

8.4 065

With only days left in my {still} favorite city, we had the always-entertaining chore of packing everything & a calendar that couldn’t be filled with enough touristy-DC activities.

The cross-country drive ahead of us didn’t seem real, and the destination at the end of it was little more than an unknown.

In true DC fashion, I ran a race & celebrated  the birthday, cocktail-in-hand, with the first person I met in the city & the person I’d be leaving it with.

7.24 0475K 7.24 049

I didn’t run, cocktail-in-hand. But you get it, right? Celebrations.

I left my first big-girl job, a city that I loved and a life that kept me on-the-go, exploring & always running. I headed towards the mountains, with no idea what the next chapter would look like.

D & I spent the first couple of weeks enjoying the utopia that is Boulder, the phenomenon that is being unemployed & having a lot of free time, and the challenge that is leaving everything you know behind.

Adios, comfort zone! Hola, mountains.

7.28 0147.26 011
8.4 006DC.NationalHalf 018

BDCtrail 010
9.10 121 9.13 034

If there’s ever a time to be in Colorado, the summer is undoubtedly it. Sunny, humid-free days, endless trails and horizon views that are never done justice by photo. I faced the altitude head-on, ego-gone & in the middle of marathon training. I let go of pace expectations, and let the trail lead me through many mindless miles.

Somehow my red blood cells came around, and we tackled that 26.2,
Denver style.

DenverRnRwkend 058DenverRnRwkend 071

Life in Colorado slowly came together – lululemon days, running when I wasn’t stuck in a yoga pose, riding new long distances & entering the world of Marketing.

There have also been days of seat-less bike riding, new strength training challenges play-dates, hiking to the places Oxygen avoids & realizing what a real peach tastes like:

5.21 003AcroYoga 0143.13 036
4.6 003bike.REI8.19 003
7.4.2011 077

In the meantime…

We dealt with a brief cancer diagnosis (and successful ‘fight’) & family heart attack, all within a month.

We realized what it means to stress about money, jobs, & settling- then learned to budget, and come out okay in the end.

I learned more about my career, mental ability to challenge & push the limit, and taking this life thing in stride.

Seriously 24, no thanks to you for any heads up, but I am pretty impressed with your spontaneous attitude. Yup, I think I’ll keep that part of you.

We have a few days left together, and given your nature, that could mean
a lot

Please be nice.


{Twenty-five}, the only thing I know about you thus far is that you’ll let me rent a car and bring marathon #3 to the table.

Unrelated, but equally exciting!

Here’s to hoping the opportunities are taken, the limits are pushed…

{Edited to add, the Birthday Countdown: 4 days}



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22 responses to “A Letter To 24

  1. You had an AWESOME 24th year! Hope 25 is just as sweet. Happy Birthday! XO

  2. Liz

    it was great catching up on your journey, sounds to me your on top of the world. miss you a great deal. ❤

  3. 24 sounds like a great year! 🙂 I hope 25 is even better!

  4. What an exciting 24 th year and life didn’t just bring it to you, you went out and grabbed it. I have full confidence that 25 will bring you more spontaneous adventures and all the amazing things you work so hard to get. Happy almost birthday!

  5. So awesome to look back at your eventful year! Of course you left out the most important part – meeting me! LOL. Totally kidding. I’m so excited for you to embrace a new year. 25 is a wonderful age, and I have no doubt you’ll be faced with a lot of fun and a lot of learning. I’ll be here to read all about it! 🙂

  6. oh what a great year! that was the year I got married, hehe. And now I will be 28 in 7 days,, eek! we should have had a joint party. Remember those?

  7. Lee

    Sounds like 24 was a great year for you and I’m sure 25 will be too. Happy almost birthday!

  8. What an epic year! Here;s hoping 25 brings many good things.

  9. Ah, happy early birthday!! As you leave year 24, I’m about to enter it, and I only hope to come out alive and with the optimistic attitude you have about it!! It’ll be my first year living truly alone, planning to move outta NC, and grabbing life by the… well by some body part. I’m excited, even more so after reading this post.

  10. I remember that race! Running it again this weekend as an easy run, NOT looking forward to it! Oof. 24 was a bumpy rollercoaster of a year for you! Here’s hoping 25 bring smooth sailing.

    • Heather C

      There’s absolutely no logical reason to do that race every year, yet so many of us do (I have no doubt I would’ve signed up again). Good luck & don’t die of heat stroke!

  11. Wow – year 24 was pretty much a rollercoaster of emotions and changes and experiences. Can only imagine what 25 has in store for you! Happy (almost) birthday my dear!

  12. You certainly outdid yourself with 24 but I have a little secret to let you in on… 25 is going to be better than ever. A long time ago, I was about 18, I had a roommate that was 26 and she told me “25 will be the best year of your life (to date) because you will finally know what you want, be comfortable enough with yourself to accept nothing less, and know how to enjoy every moment in ways you were too immature to figure out before.” I brushed that advice off thinking she was so old and totally didn’t get it… but when I turned 25 I totally got what she was trying to say. I look back now and I view 25 as a turning point in my life, the year I really embraced all that I was and could be! Enjoy! Celebrate! And prepare yourself for the rest of your life!

    • Heather C

      I like being in on this secret! I had heard (and felt) the same thing about 23 – after college, new life, etc. From what I’ve seen, 25 is the next big one – and I’m already wondering what next year’s “recap” will entail…

  13. Mamacita

    Definitely one of your memorable years ~ life is good and there is always an adventure around the corner ~ 4 months til the islands. Happy 25th Birthday my sweet girl.
    Love, Mamacita

  14. Jamie

    Happy Birthday Heather. I hope 25 is a great year for you! I am staring 29 in the face later this year. I can’t believe it is almost the last year of my 20’s!!! It has gone so fast.

  15. That’s what happens when you start off your birthday year with the sweatiest 5K in the history of sweaty 5Ks.

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