Hail, Ben & Five

I joined the lulu crew for the LUCKY 13 event last night; D& I had a concert on the Wednesday night agenda, so I wasn’t there to run.

I wouldn’t want to exert any energy before a big night, ya know? Conservation.

Instead, I contemplated registering for the Denver Rock n’ Roll Half about 10 times in half an hour, eye-shopped the whole store and then watched this happen:

7.13.11 0037.13.11 002

It started with an innocent sprinkle of rain, the type that Denver has kindly dumped on us every single effing afternoon for the past week or so. This happened at the track on Tuesday night, and passed within a few laps. The lulu runners and I assumed the same would be true.

7.13.11 008

Until some ridiculous force started chucking hail from the sky.

Really, Denver?! It’s the middle of July. People have a 5K loop to do. IT’S JULY.

At one point the hail got so large it looked like little gum-balls. They rolled into the open door and we all just kind of stared at them like, what is this?! White, cold, and coming from the sky?

Denver can be so moody.

Unsuspecting of the sky’s tantrum, I rode my bike down to the store. D came to the rescue, and by concert-departure time, the skies were blue.

Never a boring day here in the mountains! Geeze.



We saw Ben Folds in concert last night, and it was the best live performance I’ve been to. He’s entertaining, insanely talented and happy to please the crowd’s non-stop shouting requests.

We stood about 10-15 ft from the stage, and I loved every minute!

Ben, come back to Denver soon! We heart you.


After standing (see above: concert) for almost three hours, walking to/from and going to bed around midnight? No high hopes for the run today, but I wanted to get some miles in.

These days, a  good run really sneaks up on me, and I rarely expect to feel great. Today, it showed up. We had an easy pace going, the sun was out and it was just what I needed. 5 miles, with energy left (not totally absent) at the end – whoop! Small victories, and I’ll take ‘em.


What’s the best concert you’ve been to? And who else has seen hail in July (please tell me we’re not alone here…)?



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14 responses to “Hail, Ben & Five

  1. I saw Ben in Denver several years ago, and it was one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever been to…he’s such a talented performer and I love how much he interacts with the crowd. Pure awesomeness. And it’s funny, but I’ve only ever seen hail in CO during the summer months, so in my head, it seems perfectly normal to see hail in July. Is that not normal? Do other places get hail when it’s colder out? I know hail tends to accompany very severe thunderstorms and Colorado seems to get those most often during the summer…hence the hail. I’d be curious to know about how hail works in other places. Lol.

    • Heather C

      Ha, I guess I never thought about where else I’ve seen it hail. Mostly just snow on the East coast, and *definitely* not in July. Ugh.

  2. Holy Hail!!! That’s craziness!!!

    I would love to see Ben Folds in concert! We tweet with him from time to time at my work of all places! Random huh?

  3. kings of leon, hands down the best live concert i’ve ever been to. i wasn’t even that huge of a fan when i went, wow are they great live!

  4. That’s some crazy weather you’re having!! Glad it cleared up for the concert. Sounds like a great show!!

    Those runs where we finish with gas left in the tank are SOOO GOOD.

  5. Lauren

    Hail…gross. Ben Folds…sweet! I would love to see him. I would have to say the best I’ve probably been to was the Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bently and Sugarland concert! That was fun 🙂

  6. Ben Folds is so talented! I’ve never seen him in concert. I really enjoyed ben harper and jack johnson and always love Tim McGraw. yeah, that looks like some craaaazy weather. Hang in there.

  7. We didn’t get the hail, but man has the weather been ca-razy lately!! Glad you enjoyed the concert!!

  8. Lee

    I’ve seen Ben Folds before and he was great. I think one of the best concerts that I’ve been to was The Flaming Lips. It was really entertaining.

  9. We have hail with a lot of the thunderstorms throughout the summer in Nebraska. I don’t know that I’ve been to any super stellar concerts but I did get to meet Shwayze and take a tour of their bus at that concert. lol. That was kind of cool!

  10. Best concert was probably NickelCreek at a small school auditorium in PA ~ small venue ~ LOVED them. So beautiful. Rolling Stones was great too, but I would love love to see Ben Folds.
    Hail in July is what it’s all about in the Rockies! Growing up in JH (and now living in CA) I really miss those summertime thunderstorms and hail blasts.

  11. the weather has been crazy!! And my freaking floors at my apt are all muddy now. Sigh. So jealous you went to see Ben Folds…it’s my husband’s fave band!

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