Endorphins over Logic

I’m one week away from rekindling a training-plan relationship. Last week, it felt like my ‘free of a plan’ attitude took one look at the countdown and let loose!

I learned a few valuable lessons in the process:

  • Climbing to 14,000 ft is really freakin’ hard, but an amazing view-from-the-top victory.
  • The aftermath of 500 lunges does not agree with my hamstrings.   (Ryders class)
  • Ambitiously riding 40 miles (bike) on sore legs is dumb. I made it through the ride, but it wasn’t the speed-improvement adventure I had planned. Luckily D doesn’t mind slogging through the miles with me.

    Bici, one day we’ll figure this friendship out. I promise!

7.4.2011 0836.17 GoldenRide

On the plus side, I did find a much better way to bring G on the ride.
Wrist-tan-lines, be gone!

After all that, I decided to attempt a “long” run on Sunday. See “ambitiously” above. Sometimes I think the train-smart side of my brain takes a leave of absence, leaving me with no logic.

Around mile 5 I switched from the “10 mile” plan, to the 8 – mile one. At mile 7, it switched to “Must. Stop. Now.”

So, that was that. Seven miles done, exhausted, and sipping my half-water + half-sports drink mix for the mile walk home.

Once or twice my run-brain thought “you should just keep running, and get the 8”. Quickly, my sore-muscle-detecting brain shut that side up.

We have resting to do!


Yoga Challenge Update:
Friday, D & I headed to the  lululemon store for some free Vinyasa, a la Ian. His classes are always a fun experience, it was a great way to round out the week.
Saturday only left energy for some much-needed stretching.
Sunday: pigeon (stretches), eagle & a few vinyasa flows to loosen up.

This week’s pose:

Crow (I’ve mastered this, but it’s been a long time since we had a date)":
This one is easier than it looks, but takes some arm strength and trust in your balance. Work on it by bringing one foot up at a time, and having somewhere soft to land on, if needed!



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6 responses to “Endorphins over Logic

  1. “The Crow” is a move I have yet to truly master. I am quite a bit wobbly on that one still.

  2. I may be listening to my endorphins over logic lately too…so much fun though! 🙂

    That’s where I strap my Garmin on the bike, although I still have a brutal tan line on my wrist from running, even worse since I have to wear a sweat band underneath!

  3. I, too, have found that I need a combination of a training plan and intuition to guide my training. Because adhering too closely to a plan fails to tailor training to YOUR body and YOUR life. And because screwing the plan and doing what you feel like usually means that I either 1. Don’t train enough for the event I’m actually training for (i.e., when I feel more like lifting or swimming or cycling than running), or 2. Overtrain a bit, because I know I shouldn’t run today, but I really, really wanna, and it’s really nice out, and one little extra trail run won’t hurt, right? (Sigh).

  4. Elizabeth

    MJ and I did yoga over the weekend and I thought of you during the crow pose. I think I held it for maybe 5 seconds max, but I was still pretty proud of myself. My body, however, has been reminding me ever since that I don’t use those yoga muscles on a regular basis.

  5. 500 lunges. you must have a tight ass by now!! (lucky D, heh heh). 🙂

    and i love crow, but hit my head a lot.

  6. I love crow! I haven’t mastered it, but I’m getting there. And I just got into my 1st yogi headstand yesterday. I’ve been doing regular headstands with hands on the floor since I was a little kid, but it was great to have the core strength (and confidence!) to pull those legs up with my hands around my head. 🙂

    Glad you’re taking advantage of the free yoga through lululemon! xo

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