Ground Reaching & the 16-mark

Our legs were attacked yesterday during the Ryders class, in form of  500 lunges and Step-ups (which is nearly impossible, but we’re all still alive), along with some seat-less riding squat repeats (isolating the quads & hips, no bike movement allowed!). Needless to say, I owed those muscles a little TLC.

Right before I called it a night, I rolled out the yoga mat and put in my 10 minutes for the day. My muscles tend to agree with flexibility much more by the end of the day (vs the early morning), and were all about a few forward folds, sun salutations, vinyasas and down-dogs.  I finally feel that flexilibity coming back, slowly but surely. My hands could reach the ground (fold); my heels weren’t 5 inches off of it (downward dog).

I’ve only laced up the running shoes once this week, as I contemplate what the next 16 will look like. Yup, it’s training time again!

I’m signed up for MCM, and couldn’t have been more excited to get that confirmation screen shot:


But let’s be honest, it’s just an excuse to run with these people again:

As some “things” (oh, life) have come up in the past few months, I’m not 100% sure that I’ll be toeing that MCM starting line. But I do know that it’s worth trying to get there, and worth a few extra miles on every Saturday morning from here on out.

Yoga is creeping in right when I need it, and my friend, running, is itching to get the same amount of attention.

It’s that time of Summer – who else is lacing up for the Fall race season?

Yoga Challengers – Check in! Are you touching the ground yet?



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13 responses to “Ground Reaching & the 16-mark

  1. No flat palms, but fingertips down w/ bent arms – maybe at the end of the month I can have a firm hand on the ground! 😀 that’d be pretty cool.

    As for Fall Racing Season – I’m ready! I have races on schedule:

    7/30 – Georgia State Games 10K – Run for your Life – my first 10K (having run 2 halves and fulls already haha)
    9/4 – Tupelo 14.2
    9/10 – Run Through the Roses 10K
    11/12 – (hopefully, not registered yet) Soldier Half Marathon
    12/11 – Latin Music Miami Beach Half


  2. I hope things work out for MCM! Have fun ramping up those miles again.

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I started pre-training for MCM at the beginning of June but my shin splints returned 😦 so I took a few weeks off, and will be starting up again this week, thankfully. Not running makes me so tired and blah!

    Good luck with your training, and hope we get a chance to meet in DC!

  4. Wow, I totally forgot about this (good thing you didn’t, heh). I hope things work out that you can be on the starting line for this!

  5. I hope you manage to make it back to DC for MCM. Such a great race! I’m kind of wishing I signed up for it again this year. 🙂

  6. at least you can still train for it and be ready if you do race! I’m so inspired by the way you balance life Heather. Its awesome!

  7. That workout sounds killer! 🙂 I am running the Boulder Half Marathon in September and waiting for my clinical/class schedule to be released before signing up for the Omaha Half Marathon at the end of September. I wish they would hurry! 😉

  8. I am running MCM too! Going to start training on Monday. This will be my third marathon, and my first time to DC!

  9. Wahoo! Exciting stuff, lady. I haven’t run this week other than one 2 miler bc I got sick on Monday. It majorly sucks. I’m hoping for a runaroo tomorrow.

  10. Lee

    Congrats on getting into the MCM. I think I’m about to sign up for the Athens (Georgia, not Greece!) Half-Marathon in October.

    • Heather C

      Ha, it’d be awesome to run in Greece! Not to be confused with Georgia… 😉

      MCM actually wasn’t as hard to get into as I anticipated – it sold out within a few days, but not *hours* (as I had expected).

  11. oh, Heather! This makes me want to sign up for a half marathon and start training again! I had thoughts about doing a full, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for me. However, another half is very appealing! 🙂

  12. Lauren

    I wanted to do Duke City….buuut training in Dallas is out of the question. And I have a strange feeling “my D” will not be training without me there to make him 😉 sad day! Who knows though…maybe I’ll train for it in a month and just wing it! We’ll see. 🙂

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