Three Things Thursday: Take it Easy

1) On Tuesday night I went to yoga for the first time since the beginning of this month. My muscles adapted pretty quickly, which may or may not have had to do with the 90* temperature in the room. The routine followed traditional Bikram (with Alex’s twists), hitting around 22 of the 26 poses.

I  rolled up my crops to avoid them pull on scabs; I drank my entire water bottle to battle the sweat; I had my intention pop into my head without a second thought:

Be Gentle.

If you missed it, I took a little spill on the bike last Friday. I haven’t really settled down since, and it’s healing just fine. But runs, walks & hikes are one thing – stretching, bending and holding poses is completely different. On that night, I needed to remember to take it easy on these joints. LISTEN to what they’re saying.

6.24.11 0256.24.11 026mandukamat 005

There were only a few times where my knee really questioned how I thought certain things were going to work out, but we made it through! I didn’t need a block, and I wasn’t counting down the seconds until we laid in savasana.


2) At our lululemon run club last night, I stuck with a “newbie” runner (her words, not mine) for all three miles. We ran around 9:45 –10-minute miles, and I kept the conversation flowing to distract her (I also tried to hush the Garmin – no one needs beeping mile reminders when they’re tired).

Once we reached mile two, and a slight incline in the route (how rude, 7th avenue), I told her it was totally okay if we needed to take a quick walk break. She said “No, I don’t want to quit.”

There is the attitude we all need, right? Keep going; it hurts, you’re tired, but it’s not the end of your ability. Run on…

We finished the 3 miles and I have her a big ol’ High-Five, smile and “you’re awesome” chat. She finished, without stopping, and there was that runner’s high.


3) This morning, I found myself wishing I had that drive (see above), struggling to roll out of bed and actually just GO.

Then I got outside, started running, and that’s I needed.

As I got closer to home, and could feel the energy running through those legs, I didn’t want to stop. Instead, I added an extra loop and focused my mind on running for one hour. Something simple, but something I haven’t done in weeks.

I hit it on the dot (Garmin skills!), and couldn’t have been happier:

6.30.11 019

Easy pace, negative splits, and the longest run since June 4th – DONE.


When was the last time you took a step back to let your body go easy, stretch, or enjoy the workout? It’ll work wonders, trust me.

P.S. the Giveaway lasts until tonight!



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7 responses to “Three Things Thursday: Take it Easy

  1. NICE JOB on the run today!! It’s usually the day when you think you don’t have it in you that you surprise yourself. I love when that happens!

  2. I think that newbie runner and I should run together. I need motivation!!

  3. The main things I’ve taken away from yoga are, “Push until slight discomfort — but never pain,” and “be good to yourself.” Good reminders for both in this post 🙂

  4. As for the challenge, I can’t do squat. One of my knees has pretty much no cartilage. Doesn’t sound great for running, but it isn’t usually that bad.

    As for relaxing, I usually do that enough (exercise not included). I would rather move with a purpose (exercise not enough…a sport or sight seeing, etc). My first yoga class should be coming up soon. Then I might have that relax and go with it moment.

    I will say though, tonight’s run was pretty darn good though (mine and yours). Hope there are more days like that.

  5. Awesome run! And your running buddy was lucky to have you with her. I know you motivated her, and that’s a big gift to a new runner. I’ve been really enjoying yoga lately – now that I’ve gotten the hang of it and my body recognizes the flows, I am able to enjoy it more and not think as hard. ❤

  6. I’m hoping this rest brings the same kind of energy and motivation pouring back in – so glad to read that you’re there!

  7. alanna

    I went to the lululemon run clud (nyc) once. I was running regualarly and in not to shabby shape. I had just completed my longest run ever (ten miles), butit was a challenge to keep up with the others. Plus, no one really made any effort to talk with me. Ten were about ten people and they all clearly knew each other.
    I always want to go back, but I’m running less often now, slower, and I’m totally socially awkward. I wish someone like you was around to run with, then I’d always go.

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