FHBC: Reasons We’re Here

Boulder is such a charmer; no words necessary, it just flashes the mountain backdrop at you, adds in a sunshine-filled grin and suddenly you’re hooked.

Boulder 002FHBC.11 070

Don’t worry, Denver, I still heart you. But I’m not-s0-secretly having an affair with your Western friend.

This weekend surpassed a lot of expectations; I’m not typically a fan of conferences, but that mentality was challenged by the Zephyr Adventures team. Lure me in with fellow blogger friends, meeting tons of great people, networking with the ‘locals’ (raise hands), and free fitness events?!

Well, sure. I’m IN.

FHBC.11 049

Other reasons this 72-hour event has won my affection?

There has been constant access to more berries than our nutrient-absorbing cells know what to do with! My antioxidant levels are off the charts right now.

FHBC.11 058FHBC.11 059

I discovered a new level of caffeine; Anne refers to it as my ‘jet fuel’. FlatIron Coffee, you could change the world of coffee, and I will support you one cup at a time!

My morning started early, with a Running Clinic! Two Newton guys (Ian + Brandon) came to educate us at 7 a.m.; my brain may not have been ready to absorb information, but my feet sure heard what they had to say.

Barefoot drills, flat-heeled shoes (not exactly minimalist), plyometrics to warm everything up and work on form, fitness/balance tests to assess weaknesses +  strengths; barefoot running around the parking lot (yeouch). Alright, legs, we have some work to do. Ready to be challenged??

I think most of us in attendance could agree that Ian’s leg muscles were all the convincing we needed. Hello, strength. Stop heel-striking? Done!


As this all comes to an end,  we’ve planned a lunch date + hike for this afternoon, because you can’t be in Boulder and not hang out with the mountains.

Boulder 003

This may result in a dirt-filled car on the way to the airport (Anne, just stay here instead!); when in Boulder, right?




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9 responses to “FHBC: Reasons We’re Here

  1. Beautiful pictures! 🙂 I’m intrigued by the running clinic part of the post! Sounds like a good time!

  2. I LOOOVE the Newton Running Clinic and totally agree that Ian’s leg muscles are one of the most convincing parts of the whole “natural running” thing 🙂
    I wear only VFFs and Newtons to run in and my foot & leg strength has seen such improvement during the past year!
    p.s. those berries make my mouth water!

  3. You had me at berries…seriously, so delicious. I cannot get enough lately. Glad to read that you’ve had a great experience at this conference!

  4. I had thought about going to this, but couldn’t make it work out…looks like it was awesome!

  5. I lived in Boulder when I was a kid and your post makes me want to go back! The conference sounds like it was great. Hope to make it next year.

    Winks & Smiles,

  6. I wish I could have stayed!!!

  7. Mmmmm berries! Sounds like a great time. Hope you enjoyed the hike!

  8. Mamacita

    Such pretty pics! The lemon-berry dessert looks very tasty. So looking forward to coming your way in mid-July.

    Love, Mamacita

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