FHBC – Listening, Exploring & Live Blogging

Fitness & Health Blogger’s Conference (FHBC), WELL DONE. We’ve been busy over here, with the events, speakers & Boulder exploring; we’ve been spoiled with the weather and good company!

Anne, Theodora & I (photo courtesy of Gretchen), ready to be fed!

Our dinner last night was provided by the Boulder Whole Foods – we sat outside, ate vegan entrees like they’re going out of style and had a lemony-summer treat to top it all off. See below:

FHBC.11 065FHBC.11 067
FHBC.11 066

Today involved a little more Boulder-style exploring, in which we discovered the ridiculously speedy service of the Kitchen {Next Door} & enjoyed their locally crafted menu. If you’re in Boulder for a reasonably priced, delicious lunch, they are your people. In Anne’s words, “We ordered, then our food arrived in 0.8 seconds.”

No joke. And that food was more than worth the micro-wait.

We topped the meal off with Fro-Yo – no surprise there.

FHBC.11 068
FHBC.11 069FHBC.11 071
FHBC.11 079FHBC.11 081

The day progressed with the FHBC Key-note speaker, of GAIAM, Jo Robel (worth the Follow, twitter-peeps) and some Live Blogging action.

I was there as a representative for Small Planet Foods (Disclaimer: I work there. And love my job!), and passed out some Larabar + Cascadian Farm goodies to everyone.

FHBC.11 075

Attendees were all over those samples – it’s fun to work for companies that make tasty goods. If you tried our bars + granola, Thank you! It was fun to meet new friends who love this stuff as much as I do.

D & I rounded out the mini-excursion with a Mexican-style dinner and a glass o’ vino (for those who choose to avoid Tequila). The weekend isn’t over yet – tomorrow will be the Newton Running Clinic, a few more sessions, a lunch date (Ashley – we’re ready to see you!), a hike & a lot of miles between Boulder –> DIA.

For now, it’s time to catch up on that thing we call sleep.



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3 responses to “FHBC – Listening, Exploring & Live Blogging

  1. sisrocks1996

    That was the one conference I really wanted to go to! Bummed I didn’t make it oh well :/ Looks like a good time can’t wait to hear what everyone is learning although I think I’d just like being in Boulder!

  2. can NOT believe I didn’t sign up for this conference once I found out I was moving here!

  3. Yep, your job is awesome.

    ALL the eats look so good and Boulder looks amazing.

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