Roll Call: Who’s Here, What’s Missing

June, you are quite the wildcard. Somehow you’re almost over, and my muscles have no idea what just happened.

Last thing they knew, I was sticking to my training routine  – running, strength training & trying to maintain my affair with yoga.  Each muscle showed up to their respective classes, every time I asked them to. We pushed through a race, and then…um…did a few other things that hurt:

DOTRProfileTOLrace.3BearCanyonTrail 077image

Next thing I know, it’s been almost three weeks since:

I’ve straddled the Ryder bike, worked the muscles to their absolute limit, and left a gym thinking “Gah that was crazy, but so fun.”

I’ve done a run longer than 6 miles; I’m not even sure the legs would take the invitation if I offered it.

I’ve rolled out the mat, stretched in a forward fold, attempted a hand-stand or strengthened the hips with warriors or pigeons.



Absent: all of the above.
Here: biking, hiking & easy running.

I think it’s been necessary for me to step back, relax a little bit and take in this summer season (which I’m currently in love with). But, all of a sudden I can feel the strength slipping away, the flexibility in poses is gone, and my distance needs a boost!

I’m not always in my ideal work-out balance, but I’m working on it!

This week I dove back in, and this morning’s Ryder-Warrior workout was a clear indicator that I’ll need to build back up. We had weights, we did up to 500 reps of certain exercises (which is brutal, btw), we rode with and without our seats (of course)and my arms may not be able to hold a fork by lunch.

I am in charge of the dinner menu tonight for Anne + me, so at least I can choose light finger foods if needed. Yum!


On an unrelated note, who will be in Boulder for the Fitness Health Blogger’s Conference (FHBC) this weekend? Let me know, I’ll see you there!



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7 responses to “Roll Call: Who’s Here, What’s Missing

  1. Did I tell you?!?! Did I tell you?!?! I found a Ryder location in the city where I work!!! I’m totally hitting it up once I get the ok from my doctor. Spinning flat road, no resistance is one thing, getting my butt kicked doing sprints and other madness is another (and surely not cleared for quite yet!) Thank you so much talking about Ryder because I never would have noticed it otherwise! When I hit my first class I will def be channeling you!

    • Heather C

      SO FUN! You’ll love it 🙂 Way more entertaining / effective than your ‘regular’ spin class. It actually helps your form on a real bike, too, since the things don’t stay still!

  2. YEAH, way to get back to Ryders! You will be feeling that! Sometimes we just need a break from the routine… never hurts to get a reminder that we need to balance it all – which I am generally terrible at. :p

    Enjoy dinner!

  3. Liebchen

    Kinda funny how June sneaks away from you like that.

    I also don’t remember the last time I ran more than six miles, but PT’s been kicking my butt so I’ll take a workout where I can get it.

  4. Lacey

    I love your life 🙂 and i also think your smile is infectious. you have a GREAT smile and i love that you enjoy so much of what you do and that it really comes out in the blog 🙂 you have also made me less afraid of major change (such as moving to a brand new place) and my ability to make it home.

    can’t wait to hear all about the conference after you reflect on it!!!

  5. Mamacita

    Glad you are enjoying summertime – it’s okay to just embrace the season and spend time outdoors. The gym will be there. . . but summer is only here for a little while.

    Love, Mamacita

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