It’s the Lactic Acid Speaking

My muscles want to be heard; they’re speaking up from Monday’s dip, and wondering when I’ll listen. In lieu of a run this morning, I’m sitting at the computer looking through old blog archives. If I decide not to go out for an endorphin hit, I can at least read about one I did exactly one year ago!

June, 2010
6.13 0096.13 024
6.21 002NFEnduranceChallenge2

Not as thrilling as it sounds, but the blog allows for crazy mornings like this.

I was just about to hop back on the training-train, and had a morning date with speed-work. I was still using the HR monitor (that didn’t last long), and my little ticker had a hard day!

Other things I do when lactic acid talks (i.e. trumps workout plans)?
Revive blog memes:

Confession:  I still don’t have a CO Driver’s License. It’s mostly out of laziness (I do have CO tags on my car, so there’s that…), and I only think about it when I get carded at restaurants. ‘Wow, DC? Are you visiting? Where’s the birthday on this thing?…What? You live here?” These conversations need to stop.

Realization: That large, unused bunch of cilantro in my fridge needs a  life-saver. It may or may not come in the form of cilantro pesto, thanks to yesterday’s lunch date with Watercourse.

Thanks, Chef Watercourse! That wrap was a-mazing.

I’m not sure what the rabbits all over the place are all about; lucky for you the food and atmosphere make up for it.  Your story is interesting, too. I like it.

Obsession: Denver, in the summer. That’s all.

Want: A half-marathon to focus on for the end of July – preferably free, on the trails, and with an early morning (cool-temp) start.

Race-directors, are you listening? Kthanks!

Need: To finalize some Fall race + travel plans, to ease my obsessive-travel-planner mind. As soon as all the ducks are in a row, I’m happy. Until then, I’m anxious, constantly checking airfare/hotels, and generally in a state of “what if this doesn’t happen?!” doubt.  Gah! Mind, calm down.

Up: The miles I’ve spent on the bike, over the past two weeks. Riding to work every day, motivated by D (he rides 15 miles, I think I can manage a whopping two) and the fact that my car was on Empty for two weeks.
(Intentional. No gas = Must Ride)

Down: Miles spent on-the-run, since June 4th. It’s been a few weeks since a “long” run has qualified, and until Fall-marathon training starts, my legs are totally on board with this hiatus.  They’d rather hike instead – it’s much more entertaining.

In: SUMMER! See ‘Obsession’.

Out: These feet. Time for a morning walk, or ride, or anything that gets me outside for a little while.



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9 responses to “It’s the Lactic Acid Speaking

  1. I love this post!

    I’m with you on travel plans… I like to have everything firmed up WAY in advance. I’m already working on my itinerary for November in Philly!

    Have a great day!

  2. Anna

    I’m dying to try Watercourse! I’ve only heard great things about it.

  3. so cute. I love your thoughts. and if you find a free trail race in July, i’m in!

  4. Lucas

    It’s not free but it’s a good race! Vail Half end of July!

  5. loved reading this! your half marathon description sounds IDEAL! let me know if one actually exists. 🙂

  6. This was fun! Free half marathon…yeah, right up my alley! I want to do this Fueled by Fine Wine half in July, but it’s $85 and my only free weekend in July. But I really want to run it… But I have low fundage. 🙂 Always the dilemma.

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