Early Summer Successes

I wouldn’t recommend watching the end of Inception right before going to bed (way too late). I would recommend setting the alarm for 10 minutes before you actually intend to get up, allowing for that snooze action. You’re tricky, sleepy mind, but I’m catching on to your games!

This week I got up, out the door, and into the early sunlight.

This morning’s group run attempt was succesful – the perfect start to this summer season.


In other successes, I survived my first date with Strength Training in almost three weeks. What started as a way to taper before  a race turned into a full-blown off-the-wagon attitude.  Before diving back into the Warrior workouts, I tested the waters with my first Qi Fusion class last night.


A glimpse into the inner monologue:
{Before starting} Uh oh, I’m hungry; a little snack before this would’ve gone a long way. Fail!
At one point in time, my arms and abs did not feel so weak. Please come back!
Pizza for dinner – pizza for dinner – pizza for dinner…
Lunges, YES! These muscles could use an ego boost right now.
More push-ups? Sure, I can do them the non-girly way…
…Ego, take a seat. You’re out for the day.

The intensity wasn’t close to what I’ve tolerated before, but it was the perfect shallow-water dip for a Monday. I’ll be ready for a deep dive on Thursday morning; these summer activities we chase after continue to demand more of me, and I’d rather match the request than suffer under it!


How are you starting the summer season? No excuses today, there’s plenty of extra sunshine to go around – go take advantage!



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7 responses to “Early Summer Successes

  1. Jessica

    I’m starting my summer off by getting back into strength training as well! I have run five races this year so far and have number six on July 3rd, so I have been trying to do more conditioning instead of just running/biking. I also have been a stickler about buying produce from the famer’s market every weekend, as well as growing my own herbs.

  2. Way to get back to the strength training – those muscles will be back in no time, I’m sure!

    I started my day with a run, too. I feel so much better tackling the day this way!!

  3. I’m LOVING the early sunrise. Makes getting up and hitting those 6am workouts so much easier. Summer in CO is the BEST, don’t you think?

  4. I started my summer off with biking and Body Pump! 🙂 There is no extra sunshine around Nebraska today-it is disgusting outside! lol. Go away 65 degree temps and 45 mph winds. So not welcome here! 🙂

  5. sisrocks1996

    Signed up for a 50 mile race and am doing a yoga mala today! Hoping to recap tonight or early tomorrow on that one. There is so much to say I want to have time to do it justice!

  6. I started the summer season with a bike ride this morning and about to go to a yoga class for lululemon community day! I bet you are familiar with those. 🙂

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