Gluten Free Baking Simplicity

My first gluten-free baking adventure was successful! The bundt-turned-cupcakes turned out great, and were relatively easy to make. This baking gal does not survive complicated baking instructions; I live, and eat, by the philosophy that simplicity can taste delicious, too!

Using Ashley’s recipe, I only made two changes: no coconut flour (used an extra 2T of the rice flour instead – per her recommendation) , and no almond extract (used an extra 1/2t of Vanilla). The first was due to lack of supplies at WF, the second was due to forgetfulness at WF (oops).

All together, we have this:


Gluten-free, in disguise! You would have never known, so tricky.

For a simple topping, I combined some peppermint chocolate, peanut butter & almond milk. Use a little microwave magic, and voila! Frosting!

Peppermint Peanut butter Frosting

~1/4 c Natural Peanut Butter (+/- 1T)
~1/4 c Almond Milk
3 small squares (i.e. one “row”) of Chocolove Peppermint Chocolate (found at WF)

Break up the chocolate into small pieces; microwave for ~10 seconds. Add pb & almond milk, microwave an additional 15 seconds. Stir everything together – add pb if needed for smoother consistency.

D asked if I could make more to just “have around” – I’m totally on board with this idea.



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11 responses to “Gluten Free Baking Simplicity

  1. I just saw a cupcake and started drooling. And peppermint PB frosting? Whoa brilliant.

  2. Those look delish and I am very intrigued by the peppermint/chocolate/PB combo!

  3. you know how happy this makes me! 😉

  4. Yum! I’m all about simplicity, too. The simpler, the better.

  5. Lauren

    Peppermint and peanut butter, heh? You’re brave! And for the record…last time I made cookies to “just have around” they first of all stuck to the pan and then…we eated them all.

    I cut out a recipe and instructions on how to make cake pops! I’m guessing you have seen them at starbucks? They are my next baking challenge 😀 Def not gluten free but they look and sound amazing! yup yup yup. Maybe I’ll mail you some 😉

  6. Peppermint and pb sounds like an interesting combo! 🙂 Cupcakes are so good!

  7. HA…the trouble with ‘just having some around’ is that all of a sudden you don’t because those darn boys eat them all up. 🙂 The manfriend ALWAYS wants some choc chip cookies lying around, which would require me to bake them oh, approximately every.single.night. 🙂 I want to make those lovely little bundts!

    • Heather C

      Ha, yes ma’am – the main reason we almost never bake anything around here! That, and I’m usually too lazy to clean it up 😉

      Definitely use this recipe – they were surprisingly fluffy and tasty!

  8. Yay!! SO glad they worked! 🙂

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