You Lose Some, You Win Some

I had plans to meet the run group this morning for an early adventure; the legs and mind acted against said plan, and slept in until 6:30.

Alarm, fail!

Feeling less than thrilled, I made it out the door for a solo jaunt. The glutes haven’t been this sore is a very long time, a sign that jumping back into summer hiking with 9 miles might have been a little ambitious. Since I’ve been feeling tired by the end of every run, anyway, the zero-expectation mindset was out in full force.

As it turned out, the legs were up for a run. The legs felt strong, and a little disappointed by only going 4 miles. The legs finally ended on a fast kick!

4.05 mi, 34:35

Mind-game, win!


Yesterday I hit Whole Foods armed and ready to buy a few new-to-me food items. I’m responsible for dessert at a dinner fiesta tonight, and we’ve got quite the range of people dining (Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegetarian, etc). I’m making a version of Ashley’s vanilla bundt cakes – gluten-free, check!

They may not satisfy all dietary specifications, but they’re adorable. So, there’s that.


Photo courtesy of Ashley, The Edible Perspective!

I had to find Oat flour*, Coconut Flour, Sweet Rice Flour, and Coconut Oil. I have never bought any of those things – fun Whole Foods mission!

At this particular WF, none of the above were sold in bulk: Fail!
Guess I’ll buy a whole package, and make more bundt cakes later? Win.

I’d rather not admit how long it took me to find the Coconut oil; I was looking for an actual oil, and as it turns out, that is not it’s natural form. Oops.

I never found the coconut flour, but do have enough of the other two to make up for any lacking ingredient (fingers crossed the substitution works!). I only found rice flour (where’s the sweet stuff), but will tell myself that’s okay, too. Minor fails.

*You can make your own oat flour with oats + blender. This only works if your blender is functional.

6.14 003

Vanilla Bundt Cake weapons in tow, win!


Here’s to hoping the cakes themselves fall under the “success” category.



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11 responses to “You Lose Some, You Win Some

  1. NICELY done despite the alarm clock fail 😉 LOVE when the legs WANT to run. The best feeling ever!!

  2. Nice job on the solo run – maybe you just needed a little more sleep.

    Good luck with your baking adventure!!!

  3. Oooh, I hope they work for you!! I haven’t used white rice flour, but used the Ener-G brand “sweet rice flour” that’s in the gluten free section of whole foods. If you’re looking for more flour varieties, definitely check Natural Grocers refrigerated bulk section. They package SO many and they’re much cheaper! Also, whatever you do…don’t buy the Arrowhead Mills brand of Buckwheat flour…trust me! Hope they work out for you!! GF baking is really quirky!! 🙂

    • Heather C

      I might just head over to Natural Grocers and get some Coconut Flour + Sweet rice flour…I assume it’s worth the trip! 🙂

  4. you need coconut flour! its a staple in our house. Bob Redmills has it. But I bet everything will turn out great!

  5. oh i am not daring enough to try a recipe with so many ingredients i hadn’t previously used, kudos t oyou!

  6. Ah, I LOVE Ashley’s bundt cakes. I want to make some myself. They are just too adorable to avoid. Wishing I could only find the time to bake them (and shop for the ingredients)…

  7. Those are adorable! You would have pleased this Bird. Good job bouncing back with a speedy run. I went to Tread this morning with a bunch of lululemon friend – you would love it! 15 minutes speed and hills on the treadmill, 15 minutes arms, 15 more minutes speed and hills on treadmill, 15 minutes abs. It’s fast and furious. A killer workout!

  8. yay good luck on GF baking. the tiny cakes look adorable and I can imagine it paired with a “choose your own toppings” spread like a chocolate sauce, fresh fruit, whipped cream, nuts, etc. I’ve been eating GF since the fall but have yet to dive into baking, which I love to do!, with a GF slant. Perhaps I will give it a try this summer or fall, when it cools down and I won’t perish in the heat!

  9. sisrocks1996

    Sometimes running through soreness helps you recover. I know 2 of my best runs have come on days my legs felt dead, one of those days was a 22 mile run no less! Good luck on GF baking I have always wanted to go GF but it is SO hard. I think it would help my running though. I hope they taste amazing, I’ve heard most of Ashley’s stuff does!

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