Weekend Exploration, Part II: Green Mountain Summit

Living one mile high just didn’t seem good enough for the lungs this weekend; we decided to test their limits by climbing up, instead.

BearCanyonTrail 001

After the bike riding success, we set aside Sunday for crotch-friendlier activities and more outdoor exploring. It took a long time for me to realize something very simple: you’ll enjoy Colorado the most when you enjoy Colorado.

Don’t ask how long that little epiphany took.

There are so many amazing things surrounding Denver. It takes a little bit of research, a little money in the gas tank, and some fresh legs to tackle it and soak it all in. With a checklist and a hiking/camping expert by your side, you’ll be all set to GO. EXPLORE.

BearCanyonTrail 013BearCanyonTrail 005BearCanyonTrail 015

Summer Goal: 
Head to a new mountain town, and/or trail, every weekend.

Last weekend we walked around a lake and rented paddleboats in Evergreen (i.e. let my legs recover from the race; next time we’ll actually hike). This time, we headed to a part of Boulder that was unseen by our eyes (what?! There’s more to that town??). We’ve only scratched the surface of what surrounds the little city, but we’re making progress!

BearCanyonTrail 037BearCanyonTrail 044BearCanyonTrail 045
BearCanyonTrail 049 BearCanyonTrail 056
BearCanyonTrail 074

We chose the Bear Canyon Trail, heading to the summit of Green Mountain.

The elevation gain was around 2700 ft (waiting for G to charge and give us some info); the views were amazing; the camera got an equivalent workout, shooting around 110 pics to capture many Kodak moments.

BearCanyonTrail 062BearCanyonTrail 060BearCanyonTrail 078
BearCanyonTrail 072
BearCanyonTrail 077BearCanyonTrail 081
BearCanyonTrail 084BearCanyonTrail 093
BearCanyonTrail 095BearCanyonTrail 097

All in all: 9 mile hike, 8100ft Summit, 3+ hours.

We were pretty satisfied with our Sunday exploration; our legs are completely exhausted between the two modes of transportation/movement that we combined over the weekend.

I’ve now seen two new Colorado treats (back-roads to Golden, Green Mountain Summit), and have quite a few more to check off the list!



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19 responses to “Weekend Exploration, Part II: Green Mountain Summit

  1. You two are the cutest and I love your weekend adventures! Makes me want to explore what we have around MY hood.

    Awesome photos – just breath-taking!

  2. Gorgeous! And 9-miles? Whoa! That is a big hike!!

  3. That hike looks fantastic! I’m glad your legs were up to the task after your big bike ride. You’ve got legs of steel, girl! 2700 ft of elevation gain and 9 miles is a seriously solid hike. 🙂 We should plan to do a 14er sometime this summer. I bet you’d love it!

  4. I’m so glad I got to spend a short time in Aspen. It was such a beautiful place and I can see how there is so much to do and be active. very jealous of that. so many little towns and mountains. hiking and biking are serious exercise! we just don’t do that here.

  5. Elizabeth

    You already know how I feel about summer fun lists and checking things off. And I’m loving those views from the top! Glad you recovered after the bike ride. 🙂

  6. Wow gorgeous scenery!! I’d LOVE to take a hike like this someday. So beautiful.

  7. Lauren

    I want to go hiking!! Such gory pics. I reallyyy want to come visit again and do all these fun out doors things! The smoke here from the Arizona fires has made me NOT want to be outside lately. But only in the evenings. Still blech… enjoy all that fresh mountain air for me!

  8. Jamie

    That’s an awesome goal! I have lived here my whole life, and there are so many things I haven’t seen. My biggest problem is that my son is only 4 and not really capable of doing much hiking yet. But I also don’t want to carry him… I bought a book of Hiking for kids though, so maybe we will start exploring some areas with shorter/easier hiking options.

  9. Your pictures make me jealous. I should not have moved away from the Rockies! The Flat Tops (near Steamboat, Glenwood Springs, Yampa, etc) have some great hikes. And if you find yourself taking a drive over to Wyoming, hike Med Bow Peak located just past Centennial. If you are a skier you can hike up there now to get some good turns in. I have skied there in to early July no problem!

  10. GORGEOUS photos! I am loving all of the outdoor activity y’all get to partake in during the weekend. It really makes me want to move away from Dallas ASAP! 😉 And you know Larabar would be my fuel/snack of choice, too. xo

  11. Mamacita

    Beautiful pics! And the trail looks fun – life doesn’t get much better than Colorado in the summertime. The elevation gain and the mileage is very similar to hiking out of the Grand Canyon – a hike that you two would really enjoy. Thanks for sharing your weekend adventure – can hardly wait for our Denver “fix” in July.
    Love, Mamacita

  12. vivoir

    another larabar image- you and Bird (at Living With Healthy Hunger) are definitely showcasing what I’m missing out on 😦 Darn I need to MOVE!

  13. How beautiful! My boyfriend is moving to Colorado Springs in August! I hope I can visit and soak in some of the beautiful sights before it gets too cold! 🙂

  14. Dang girl, your legs must have been tired after 9 miles of hiking! Looks gorgeous! I love adventures like that, but our weekends are just too jam packed this summer with weddings and friends having babies and all the related events. At least we’ll get some camping in in a few weeks.

  15. That looks amazing 🙂

  16. so fun!! Glenn (my husband) and I were thinking of going on a hike around Denver soon. Any recommendations?

    • Heather C

      Golden / Morrison, Evergreen, anywhere in Boulder and/or Ft Collins (if you’re up for a drive)! 🙂 Those are the places we’ve been and loved…

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