The Good, Strong & Ugly

If I was halfway decent at taking “professional” pictures (i.e. actually knew how to use a fancy camera), I would volunteer to be a race photographer.

Nope, you do not have to pay  me. The entertainment of watching runners and catching random, flattering and unflattering photos is compensation. I might even make a few signs to rotate through, making sure I get a reaction out of people. Morgan, I’ll put you in charge of that!

Taking Dorry’s advice, I’ve realized there’s more fun in showing you how the race really felt. I could easily sit here and only display the pictures from the first few miles – “Well HEY, I feel great! I’m not even that sweaty yet, and psh, 7:45 pace? Easy peezy.”

But we know that’s not how it went down. And I hope you know I don’t’ say “easy peezy” in my head.

Instead, I’ll show you a few snapshots that clearly speak to how exhausted I was, and how badly I wanted that Finish Line to be about 4 miles closer than it was. They’re not all bad, I was having fun for about half an hour…

Look, run with me:


Yup, I do feel great: I guess I could pass this guy; I think this trail will work magic!


What’s that? It’s only mile 5??

Well, photog, I might as well have fun with you now, because I’m already certain I won’t have the energy to smile next time we hang out.

Case in point:


Where’s the Finish Line?! Why are we still running…..?

I’m tired. I want pizza. I don’t want to play anymore.

This was mile 12.5.
It only got worse, see below (D’s POV, from behind the Finish Line):

TasteofLouisvilleHalf 033TasteofLouisvilleHalf 035

Um….if I close my eyes, it goes by faster? I block out the exhaustion? I magically hop across the Finish Line and I’m done??

TasteofLouisvilleHalf 034

UGH. One. More. Step…

Done! FINALLY. Where can I sit? Where’s the Gatorade? When can I shower?!

TasteofLouisvilleHalf 036

Give me food or give me death!

It was a long, hot day at the races folks – and we don’t even have humidity to complain about! My former East-coast self would be ashamed that I took this dry mountain air for granted.

But, hey, at least I got a few good photos out of it all, right? And some bling (see above, left)! And now, I can laugh about those last few shots. We’ll coin that my “race-exhaustion” face. Hopefully there are more of the “race excitement / energy” ones in the future!


Let’s keep the tone going – what’s an embarrassing, or random, race-day moment that you have yet to confess? Leave it here, no one will know…



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15 responses to “The Good, Strong & Ugly

  1. I love messing with the photog, although recently I haven’t noticed one on the course and then am horrified by my pics later….sigh.

    • Heather C

      I actually was thinking of you when I did the “jazz-arms” – not that you run like that, but that you aim for fun photos if all else fails 😉

  2. I love the photo montage – it DOES show how the race progressed from “ok, this isn’t so bad” to “wow, I’m hurtin'” but in a good way (if that makes sense) – it shows your strength and endurance, powering through that heat!

    At the end of my half last fall, there’s one pic I posted on the blog where my eyes look about a million miles away, I was so dehydrated, my eyes were a dead giveaway. Glassy-eyed, like whoa. But I posted it to show the “true” me after a race like that. Plus some fun shots from the cookout we had later that day, so some were perty pics too 😉

  3. Your leg muscles are amazing! Way to power through the race! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 🙂 Miss you!

  4. I have DEFINITELY had my share of photos like that. Thanks for sharing ALL of ’em – I love to see the whole story!

  5. Your “bad” shots are still better than my bad ones! The last half I did, there was a photo where for some reason or another I was looking back over my shoulder and had such an odd look on my face that it sort of appeared that I was scared and someone was chasing me. I don’t remember it being taken at all, but I’m thinking that someone in the crowd had said my name and that is why I turned around with a confused/scared look….it took me a few moments to remember that it was one of those races where your name is printed on the bib so random strangers can cheer you on! Great pics – and I am jealous you are in Colorado with the dry heat. I moved away from the Rocky Mtn region a year ago and now I am sweating it out down here in the Houston heat and humidity.

    • Heather C

      Ha, Tanya I loved this story! 🙂 I always get confused when people yell my name from the bib, too – it’s great to have the cheer, but always catches me off-guard.

  6. those pictures capture the best moments…..determination!

  7. Those are some of the best race pics I have ever seen, did you pay this guy 🙂

  8. I love this, Heather! 🙂 I totally shuffled/dragged my feet for the last 1/2 mile of my half marathon in March. It wasn’t pretty! But I’m glad I have the photos to remember that I pushed through even though ALL I wanted to do was stop running.

  9. Ummm, these race photos are AWESOME, especially compared to mine. I have never had a good race picture….mile 1 or mile 13. To make myself feel better, I just thought “no one has good race shots”, but apparently, I’m totally wrong! Congrats for finishing the race AND looking like a rock star too!!

  10. Lee

    I have a bunch of race photos with my tongue sticking out of the side of my mouth like a dog. The worst thing about it is that it’s from my husband’s first 10K and there are pictures of both of us running together so my MIL bought one. With my tongue sticking out.

  11. Lauren

    hahaha! This post made me laugh…easy peezy, maybe if I close my eyes I can magically hop over the finish line. You’re silly!I remember in Duke City I enjoyed posing for the camera, it’s fun! Seeing as I have only ran 2 races I don’t have that many stories to tell besides me thinking I was going to beat my time by at least a few mins and that did NOT happen. Dag nabbit. Oh well, next time!

  12. So you may not have had the most fun while racing, but DANG you got some sexay runner chick leg pics. WHOO!! That’s almost worth the pain it itself. 😉

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