Finding the Clique that Clicks

This morning I had a blind date. Luckily we have similar interests, meeting at 6 a.m. for a run is only considered okay by a select few!

I woke up at 5:30, got dressed and drove over to the meeting spot. I met seven strangers, and we headed out for an early run. Conversation came easily, the miles went quickly and I stuck with the front-runner to end on a slightly faster kick.

Mental note, this guy is fast! Stick with him, work that magic.

I will definitely be back for more; when you know, you know.


This is the third run group I’ve been to for the week – the first was a lap around Wash Park to shake out the last lactic acid remnants from my legs (and enjoy company while doing so – because we know that circles around Wash Park quickly become the bane of my attention span’s existence), the second was with the lululemon peeps (come join us!).

Confession: I’m kind of a run group snob.
These people left some very BIG shoes to fill:

12.13 03612.6 022
10.25 028marathon! 010

The Secrets: By the end of a run, you’re talking like you’ve known each other for weeks. Next time, you’re suggesting races and maybe even challenging someone to a friendly bet (is there such a thing?). By the end of said race, you’re clinking your Mimosas together – job well done!

You know who will push you to run faster, farther and aim for PRs. You know who will run with you no matter what it looks like outside – no exceptions! You know who will gladly take an easy day to talk, recover and enjoy a run without technology.

Maybe you even find one person who does all of the above – lucky you!

12.6 031marathon! 032marathon.1


Runners are a unique group, to say the least. Some prefer the solidarity and time with themselves as a break from a busy life. Some thrive off of the group atmosphere, soaking up the motivation and community aspect of the clique. Some run really fast, win races and leave most of us in the dust (but we still like you!).

I’m a fan of the mix – solo runs to zone out and let the Garmin or tunes do the talking; group runs to meet people who push me, motivate me, and get up at 6 a.m. to beat the heat with me! I’ve realized that going to different groups will give you a taste of all aspects, and finding one that just clicks will satisfy the snob in me.

Random trips back to DC will satisfy the shoes that yet to be filled with other running feet.


Are a group-run goer? What’s your favorite aspect of the mix?

Here are ways that I’ve found groups to run with in my areas: (search {city} + ‘running’, ‘run group’
Local Running Stores – Denver: Runner’s Roost, Boulder Running Company
Google Search: (see above)
Blogs / Twitter / Facebook Groups (i.e. Social Media, use those networks!)



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21 responses to “Finding the Clique that Clicks

  1. Elizabeth

    Races really became better when we started celebrating with mimosas. Such a good idea.

  2. I love me some group runs and I am soooo pumped to be “officially” starting back up with my go-to training group tonight! I enjoy some alone time, or runs with the hubs, as well but there is just something about hitting the pavement in a massive posse!

  3. Jamie

    I have one person that I run with. That just started recently but it is nice to have the company. She meets me @ 5:45 AM two days a week. But, I also do enjoy my solo run on the weekend. I am usually faster and more focused because I am not trying to talk! Maybe running and talking will get easier after I have a few more running months under my belt.

  4. I sometimes miss running groups, but you know I like keeping it only to particular friends, not a whole group. I think it’s one of those “what works for you” kind of things. Sometimes I like to run alone, sometimes with others.

  5. cottercrunch

    run groups can be such a blessing. YOu push yourself at times and feel encouraged. I just love it!

  6. Someday you’ll find an equal replacement group/running buddy/selection of folks. There’s a pretty big group that I run with, but a smaller core that I hang out with. Over the past 3 yrs I’ve been going to the group, it’s morphed and changed. The dynamic has been better at times and worse at others. Some good friends have moved away or gotten married/knocked up/etc. But life goes on. It’s nice to show up and just know I will know someone at the group. PS – new commenting system? Looks pretty snazzy!

    • Heather C

      Ha, pretty random actually – I guess WordPress is just updating itself? I can only imagine how many changes there have been over the 3 yrs of Run Group experiences! We had a big one in DC, too – but our “group” was a small sub-set of that. 🙂

  7. I LOVE running with people lately. In fact I rarely run alone anymore – maybe 1x/week. It’s just such good motivation and running with other, stronger runs makes me push myself a lot harder. For my next marathon I’d like to join a group that is training for one at the same time as training for my marathon alone was a little bit lonely last summer!

  8. Lucas

    I like DTR as you’ve seen. Love the large group but that everyone has a subgroup that they run with. The potlucks and bbqs after are a great chance to meet people and talk about things other than running. It’s great because everyone has such a different background but when they all come together to run, they’re all equal and doing the thing they love!

  9. I love running with people. I first started off with a local running club, where I met a lot of like-minded (and paced) people in beginner and intermediate training classes. When class ended, we stuck together! Though, my running group has gotten smaller lately due to injury or (gasp!) some people just stopped running. When I’m training for something longer than my friends, I find myself adding a lot of solo runs to make up some distance!

  10. Amanda

    I’ve neve run in a group; the biggest @ has been a pairing. Since being home for the summer, my mom is a little fearful of me running the river trail alone. She rides her bike as I run. Mind you I’m not a fast runner, but she’ll coast next to me and chat away.

    • Heather C

      D does that with me ALL the time when I’m training for a mrathon – it helps to have a buddy with me on the loooong runs! 🙂

  11. I’ve actually always been intimidated by running in groups since everyone who goes to those things tends to be really fast. I’m a mediocre, 10 min/mile sort of a runner…this normally doesn’t bother me, but I hate the idea that I’ll be waaaaay slower than the rest of the group. Hence, because I’m obviously neurotic about this, I tend to run by myself. I like it since I can go my own pace and get some me-time in. Maybe one of these days, I’ll be brave enough to join a group. 🙂

    • Heather C

      I think that’s a pretty common “obstacle” – there are a lot of people that don’t want to come to our lululemon group run because they’re not sure of pace, but we always run together! 🙂 keeps it easier. Same goes for most run groups I’ve been to – usually people start all together and kind of settle into natural pace groups, works out for everyone!

      Although, being in Boulder, I can see where this might be a little different… 😉

  12. Lee

    I have a hard time running with other people because I’m not very good at talking while I run. I prefer to listen to music.

    • Heather C

      It’s an aquired skill! If I go for even a few weeks without doing a group run, I get SO exhausted while talking. But once you get used to it, it actually helps your pace 🙂 When you’re Not talking, you can use that energy to go faster!

  13. I haven’t been running much lately, but there are some Dallas run groups that lululemon is reaching out and supporting, so I need to check them out soon! They meet REALLY early in the morning, but I could probably swing it once a week. 🙂

    • Heather C

      Probably wouldn’t be a bad thing as the summer heat comes on in full force 🙂 I would never survive a Dallas run, haha

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