Attempting an Overnight PR

This morning I woke up right before my dream-self found out whether or not my running shoes were, in fact, in the bathroom.

Why, alarm clock, WHY??

To put that strange anticipation into context, I was lining up for a race.  And while taking an extra precautionary bathroom stop, I had missed the lined up to get bibs & shoe-tags (you know, for timing…what if I PR’d in the dream?!  Focus.). After a scramble, we found my lone ‘swag-bag’ just in time (dream-run without a timing tag?? Psh).


I tried to secure the tag and get this dream-race started, only to realize I was barefoot. Minimalist running is not my thing, sorry dream-self.

Go find those shoes!

NewShoes 008 
Meet the Nike Pegasus 28*!

Who takes their shoes off in a bathroom?! First of all, that’s not very hygienic. Secondly, there is no logic in leaving important race-day needs scattered around! Clearly dream-me is not a veteran in this whole routine. She has some important lessons to learn before she goes trying to PR overnight.

While strange, this whole situation was very vivid. I was running a half, I had a goal time (shocker), I knew the people with me, I ran around the “place” (looking for those elusive shoes!) as if I secretly knew every twist and turn. My Mom was there, ready to take pictures and wondering why I was barefoot (aren’t we all?). I felt relieved I wasn’t running the Full, as usual.

I also felt excited-nervous, ready to see if the muscles were up for a PR! All of this anticipation, only to be jolted back to reality – a sore arm (tetanus shots are nobody’s friend), a sore lower back (yoga had a hand in that yesterday), and a confused brain (your shoes are right there! Geeze, calm down.).

*An unexpected ‘change’ to the model I already wear, and an unexpected new color scheme that I’m totally smitten with. They’re almost neon, it’s AWESOME.

NewShoes 009

Lesson learned from dream-race shenanigans: Don’t leave your shoes anywhere, except on your feet, during a running adventure. Especially if you’re late to the game on a race day! Important in any racing situation, no doubt.

Add that one to the list of lessons learned from Saturday, and I’m all set to PR next time!



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9 responses to “Attempting an Overnight PR

  1. ha! What a funny dream!! I have been known to leave important items in RANDOM places, so I can totally see myself doing that…

    Nice-looking kicks!!

  2. Lacey

    adorable shoes!!!!! 🙂

    i have been remembering a lot of my dreams lately!!!! i used to write them down, but now it feels like too much work 🙂

  3. um, those shoes are adorable! i want adorable shoes. HEAR THAT ASICS?

  4. Lauren

    I lika those shoes!! That dream is silly, however I have a lot of silly dreams. I had a dream about the loch ness monster a few weeks ago…that was just weird.

  5. so funny when I wake up and have to take a few minutes to decide if that was a dream or something that really happened t ome

  6. haha! I love this! I’ve had some running/race dreams. I love those shoes, but you know I really want a purple pair!

  7. Mamacita

    What a funny dream! I absolutely heart the shoes – what a gorgy summer color! Yes Mamacita would have been worried about your feet – that part of the dream is very realistic.
    Perfect summer day here – now I just need some new shoes. . .

    Love, Mamacita

  8. Um, I LOVE those shoes. Unfortunately, I’m a pronator and need to wear ugly non pink types.

  9. And yes, scary dream! I hate stressful ones like that. Being late to the race signup is always scary, especially a marathon.

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