Tempeh HAT Sandwich

Tempeh and I have recently rekindled our friendship – I’m not sure how, but we fell off each other’s radar for a long time. It’s been deliciously fun having sandwich dates again – full of protein, healthy fats, and tasty combinations.

When we came home from the race on Saturday, that pizza had long been digested and my stomach was demanding a refuel. With a need to be quick, get ready and out the door soon, I grabbed the few remaining groceries in the fridge. The best thing about sandwiches (or salads, or pizza) is that they wear many hats! Whatever you need to throw at them, they’re ready to squish it in the middle and deliver something filling and flavorful.

Exhibit A:

TasteofLouisvilleHalf 107

This isn’t very different from our recent adventure – the “bacon” idea – but it’s simple and quick!

All you need:

Tempeh – cut into strips
BBQ Sauce (or marinade of choice) + Oil
Hummus (flavor of choice – I went with Garlic)

Tomato slices

Let the tempeh soak/be coated with Bbq sauce; heat olive oil on medium and sauté the strips so they’re lightly browned on each side.

Slice the avocado and tomato; toast the bread if that’s how ya like it!

Generously lather one slice of bread with hummus; layer the other slice with avocado, tomato & tempeh.

Combine, take a big bite, and take in all those flavors, textures & nutrients!

TasteofLouisvilleHalf 108

For more information on Tempeh, read here.

Are you a sandwich maker / lover / dater?
What hat has your creation worn lately?



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5 responses to “Tempeh HAT Sandwich

  1. i just had tempeh for lunch too, with hummus! ahh great minds think alike. The perfect sandwich!

  2. Not a tempeh fan but DEFINITELY a sandwich fan! I love toasted grainy bread with something creamy (avocado or hummus) and lots of veggies. Sometimes meat and/or cheese. Sandwiches are the best – so versatile, hearty, delicious, healthy and easy to throw together!

  3. Anything with hummus or avocado gets a big thumbs up in my book. And both together in the same sandwich = awesome! 🙂

  4. Amanda

    Ohhhhhhhh! H.A.T.! I get it ! LOLOLOL! I love it!

  5. I really like Tempeh sandwiches! I like them with jam and goat cheese heated up on my George Foreman!! YUM

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