Paying to Run: Taste of Louisville Half Marathon

After  three years of running half-marathons, the novelty of going through the motions isn’t exactly what it used to be. I could go out and run 13.1 miles on Saturday, finish line or not (so anticlimactic!).

The novelties of aid stations, Garmin-shots and race photos to plump up the album however, are a little enticing. The novelty of racing has me hooked.


That series of photos could have easily gone the other way; looks of death, confusion, disorientation, heel strikes, etc. We’ll save those for another day’s fun!

Between March and April, these legs raced for two half-marathons, both exceeding the low expectations I had. Sadly, I’m not the race-junkie I once was in DC (not by choice…if my race-junkie-enablers were here, and if there were more options, my habits would not be safe!). My bank account appreciates the break, my speed tactics do not. Without the constant “practice”, I get a little out of the zone and intimidated by the idea of a “Goal Race”.

But at this point, why should I pay to run, if I don’t go all out and Race??
For the sake of making a point, ignore that this particular event serves Summer Ale & Pizza afterward – also ignore that this will be consumed at approx 9:45 a.m.  Kthanks.

I work my dollars, so the legs should make my dollars work for me – right? Right! I chose this race specifically because of the timing….um, and the pizza & beer (its like they know me). I had 5 weeks to capitalize on existing endurance, and speed that was finally coming back.

FYI: Move to high altitude, mid-marathon training or not, and you will likely lose at least a minute/mile on your ‘normal’ pace. Fun little game you play, Colorado!

Anyway, all of this to say that I picked this race to finally RACE. I’m putting that out there, with every intent to motivate myself and go for it. So, here are the goals:

1:39:xxIf all the stars were aligned, and I wasn’t feeling a little run-down this week, this goal would be seeming much more attainable. It’s definitely within reach, but it will create one of those I’m-going-to-die-look finish photos, no doubt.

1:41:xx – This is possible. End of story. These photos tell me so:

DC.NationalHalf 109PlatteRiverHalf 039

Taste of Louisville Half Marathon, I’m coming ‘atcha!


Your turn! Put those goal races, goal times and/or goal adventures out there. Let’s hear it…



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10 responses to “Paying to Run: Taste of Louisville Half Marathon

  1. I am an admitted race addict. Even if I am “just” running, it can be so much more fun in that race environment. But with race fees going up and up, I am definitely a LITTLE more selective in my choices these days.

    I see a sub 1:40 FOR SURE! Hope you start the race and feel great. Good luck, girl!

  2. Elizabeth

    You know, there was a time that we had 3 or 4 races in a month, for about 3 consecutive months. I don’t think that was healthy. I like spacing them out now.

    Good luck with your pace goal, lady. Sub 1:40 is definitely a possibility!

  3. Lauren

    I want to get 1.50xx on my next race!! Now that I have jumped on the Garmin bandwagon (thanks to you and the two D’s) I can actually practice timing myself instead of just running and staring at the back of your head until I slowly lose sight of you all together. By the way… The back of yo head looks ridiculous!! Own that ponytail… Work that up do.

    Can’t wait to hear all about your race!!

  4. So strange that we haven’t had a major race in a while, feels like forever.

    Good luck, Jackrabbit! I hope you kick some ass. We’ll be waiting for the requisite Garmin photo!

  5. Jamie

    Good luck! I just set a 5K PR, much less impressive than your times but great for me! I finished in 31.23 which is pretty fast for me! I hope to be able to run the distances you can someday.

  6. Lacey

    yay! good luck!!!!! and i love your photos 🙂

  7. Good luck this weekend chica! I will be proud no matter what time you finish, but gosh a sub 1:40 would be swell, right?!?!?!? 😀

  8. You are fast, lady!! Good luck! I procrastinated and didn’t sign up for the half (or the 5K for that matter), but may check out the Taste of Louisville festivities. I’ll flag you down if I recognize you!

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