Taper Week: Check!

This morning I knocked out the last run of this short training cycle, 4 easy miles around City Park. Denver is quickly earning my affection with these sunny-but-cool mornings – 55* is perfect for a shorts & tee, with no humidity and an early sunrise.  Sure, I’ll take that!


Truth be told, I’ve been feeling tired by the end of almost every run lately. I’m not sure what to attribute that to (the list could be long), but rather than acting on the thought that “I’m in shape for this, I can push it”, I’ve been taking it pretty easy this week. Each run has been goal-pace free, I stretched out at yoga instead of doing a Tempo workout, and I’m taking tomorrow completely off to let the muscles rest up!

I looked back at how I “rested” for the last half (in April); my week had consisted of two strength training workouts (one of which was a Ryders class, two days before the race), one yoga class, one tempo run and two ‘easy’ runs.

Taper? Not so much. Ready to race? Sure! Why not…

PlatteRiverHalf 018

I know, we just scream ‘Speedsters!’.

Lauren, come back and have a pre-race photo shoot with me! Clearly it’s the key to success. That, or racing in DC.

I have had a few goals in mind for this race, but more on that tomorrow. All I can say for now is that I’ve put in the 5 weeks of easy, progressive, tempo and long runs (and one case of the mile repeats, which I don’t care to do again soon). I’ve put in this week of tapering, and I’ve spent more than few days sore thanks to those Qi people.

For now, I can only refuel, rest up, and getting ready to run on Saturday!



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16 responses to “Taper Week: Check!

  1. Are you running the Taste of Louisville half as well? I can’t think of any other half marathons going down this weekend….I hope you rock it, girl! Sounds like you had a great taper week! I sorta/kinda ran the Bolder Boulder on Monday, and I feel like I’m still tired from it. Hoping my legs are able to recuperate by Saturday!

  2. I hope the easier week and a rest day tomorrow have you feeling FRESH and ready to go!! Way to listen to the body.

  3. Wow. I feel like this training cycle of yours FLEW by!!

  4. Gah, I should have signed up for the Taste of Louisville half 😦 Good luck to you!

  5. Mamcita

    I did not know you were running a half on Saturday, good luck and text me afterward. Your kitchen is gorgy!!! Glad you are enjoying summer in the mountains; I heart this time of year.
    Love, Mamacita

  6. I have no doubt you will rock this race. It’s probably a good idea to take tomorrow off. I always like a one day taper. 🙂 Are you doing Marine Corps in the fall?

    • Heather C

      Sure am! After this weekend I’ll only be doing races for “fun”, and taking time off of training-plan-mode until the end of July!

      Thanks for the race-day faith 😉

  7. please stop rubbing it in about the weather, it was 104 when i rode home yesterday kthanks.


  8. Abby

    Good luck this weekend! 🙂

  9. i’ll take laurens spot if you fly me out to Denver?! the high today is 99F!!!!

  10. Good luck this weekend and enjoy that Lucky Pie. Yum.

  11. Lauren

    I wish I was there to take pics and run with you!! Good luck seester 🙂

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