Out and IN: Moving Success

Friday afternoon brought a surprise announcement from D – he commented here with his own moving tip. My response, via chat – “um, what?!”


His coworker mentioned a local moving company – inexpensive, quick, local and…done! Best money we spent all weekend, no doubt.

By Sunday morning, all the boxes were packed and we were ready to help out (being charged by the hour? Yes, we still did our fair share of box-lifting). Those movers were amazing – we spent the morning (i.e. ~3 hours) cleaning, and lifting the “Fragile” boxes, clothes & little things – they took ~1.5 hours to get all the furniture + heavy boxes loaded, and unloaded. Yes, amazing. That gave us the rest of the afternoon for this:

MemorialWeekend2011 004MemorialWeekend2011 005

Out of the old, into the new…

MemorialWeekend2011 008
MemorialWeekend2011 009MemorialWeekend2011 014
MemorialWeekend2011 010 MemorialWeekend2011 011
MemorialWeekend2011 012MemorialWeekend2011 013

Empty –> Filling, and fueling, up:

MemorialWeekend2011 006MemorialWeekend2011 015
MemorialWeekend2011 021MemorialWeekend2011 018
MemorialWeekend2011 020MemorialWeekend2011 035

Unpacking + decorating = not yet completed. Finished photos to come…

While it was great to have a rain-free morning, our let’s-get-unpacked! attitude was teased by a sunny, beautiful Spring afternoon. By 5 o’clock, it was time to shower and get out – the best part? We walked the few blocks to one of our favorite Denver spots.

 This meal has never tasted so good:

MemorialWeekend2011 022
MemorialWeekend2011 024MemorialWeekend2011 025
MemorialWeekend2011 027MemorialWeekend2011 028

Satisfied! With just enough room for some ‘hood-style dessert:

MemorialWeekend2011 030MemorialWeekend2011 031

His: Cinnamon + Bananas Foster
Hers: Cherry chocolate chip + Chocolate

Top that off with 10 hours of sleep and an extra weekend day to play, and you have one very successful move.



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13 responses to “Out and IN: Moving Success

  1. oh I bet that meal was awesome after a long day of laboring!! The place looks great! you are HOME!

  2. Ha! D is funny. Smooth move hiring movers! Sounds like it was a GRAND success! have fun settling in to the new place. Can’t wait to see. Congrats!!!

  3. Hiring movers is a FANTASTIC plan. We’ll definitely be doing that the next time we move, which hopefully won’t be for many many years 🙂

    Love your new place – looks great!

  4. Abby

    Your new place looks super cute! 🙂 Hiring movers is a brilliant idea!

  5. Love the new place and those hard wood floors! Sounds like movers are the way to go when there’s a lot of stuff and more than one person. Enjoy the new digs!

  6. YAY!! so glad the move was such a success!! PS. that ice cream looks divine!

  7. Mamacita

    Your new place has lots of sunlight and gorgy hardwood floors! Really looking forward to a Denver trip to see you 2 and the new apartment. The dessert treat looks delicious.
    Love, Mamacita

  8. Wooo hooo move in success! So awesome you got the movers to save time and muscles! 🙂

  9. Lauren

    New apartments are fuuunn!! I really like the kitchen and floors 🙂 Can’t wait to visit again!

    Now I want ice cream…hmmm.

  10. Paying movers is the best expense ever…when I moved to NYC, three guys moved ALL my stuff into my fifth floor walk-up apartment in just over an hour. It would have taken my dad and me alllllllll day. Best money ever spent. The new place looks super cute! Hope you settle in quickly. :

  11. I’m a Colorado girl too!! I love Vine Street, but Souther Sun and Mountain Sun are much closer to me so I usually go to those locations.

  12. um…i think we live super close to each other!! Hahahah BTW This is the girl you tweeted about NM restaurants to! Just got to Denver! Hello!

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