Warrior Workout, All Around

I spent a lot of time on a bike this morning – with seats, without seats, with weights, freestyle and then hopping off to work the legs and abs.

No muscle left behind!

Things started off relatively low-key, pedaling with little resistance and “air boxing” with different hits, free of weights. Then, as usual, the seats had to come off. The equivalent of taking the ‘gloves off’, it was on. Turn up the resistance – level 9 – squat, hold the bikes left/right (remember, they move!), hold one arm up and pulse it, keep pedaling.

3.13 030Real_Ryder

Right when the legs were starting to smoke, the seats went back on and we grabbed weights. How do you do arm-work while you ride a bike? Sit up, hold a free weight in each hand, do the exercises, and keep the legs moving. Your core will feel it; your legs will mindlessly go and go; your arms will be tired.

Finally, we heard those sweet words, “Press STOP, off the bikes!”. 

Next up, abs & legs! You can join me on these:

Legs: with a bench/chair: Touch-ups with each leg, 90-120 seconds per side
(e.g. left leg stays on the bench/chair, the right leg touches up, down, up, down…no pausing!). This turned into a challenge, we were paired with someone and kept each other going – who could last longer? who could keep the pace? who would quit?

Whew. Now, do it again on each side.

Abs: Sit with legs extended and active (i.e. not relaxed); hold your fists under your chin and “box”, left/right/left/right – pick up the pace, and hold one active leg ~3-4 inches off the ground; switch legs, keep “boxing”!

       Planks: HOLD IT – 1 min. Hold it with one leg up (active), 1 min.
                      Switch legs, 1 min.  Mountain climbers: Hold plank, bring knee 
                      to opposite elbow, 1 min (x 2). Side plank, rotate left/right
                      for one minute (get that opposite arm straight up every time!).

…..DONE! Nice work.

Which muscle group would you add to that, if you chose the next exercise?



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10 responses to “Warrior Workout, All Around

  1. Probably some back exercises, like superman with movement, locust pose( I think thats the one, you lay on your stomach arms at your side, then lift arms and legs up while bending back. kind of like you’re trying to touch your toes while laying on your stomach, lol horrible explanation), different rowing moves with weights, etc. Oooo and a move that I don’t know is there is a name but I call it the booty plumper. Get on all fours, pop one leg up at a 90 degree angle, foot flexed. Then push it towards the sky, flexing your bum. When booty is plumped on that side, switch legs, then repeat again and again.

  2. Sorry, nothing to contribute – I just died reading that! :p

  3. PLSayrah

    What bike class do you take?

  4. whoa, now thats a workout. I love it. I’d work triceps next, just because I love them!

  5. Abby

    Wow! That sounds like an awesome workout! 🙂 I’m not really sure what I would add to that but I would love to try it sometime!

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