All of a Sudden…

Some days, weeks or even months can’t be put into words. So much happens, there are so many changes, and suddenly life is in an entirely new place. The day to day routines stay somewhat consistent (being a relative word, here), but when you take two seconds to pause, the only thing to think is Whoa.

Suddenly, it’s been almost 6 weeks at the new job. And I still love every day.
Suddenly, we’ve been in this apartment on our month-t0-month lease for almost seven months.  Then, we found the “right” place – the one where you walk in and think “this feels like HOME” – and we’re moving, AGAIN. And this time it’s for the long term!
Suddenly, we’ve been in Denver for TEN months. I still say “we just moved from DC…”. I suppose “just” could be dropped from that sentence.
Suddenly, one of my best friends has a baby girl, and two other couples are engaged! Life is moving fast here.
Suddenly, I’m two weeks out from another half-marathon. My running is going as well as it can given all of the above, and I’m embracing the challenge.
Suddenly, I don’t fit yoga in as much as I’d like to, but my strength training routine has taken on a life of its own. This trade-off is okay with me, as long as it goes back and forth and the two can be friends.
Suddenly, it’s approaching the end of May and we’re making Summer plans. Sunshine, come back!

Suddenly I feel relieved from just putting all of this in one place.

Tonight’s agenda is looking up – lululemon group run in the rain, followed by a rice + bean + veggie + avocado medley that’s already cooking. In other words, I get to catch up with my buddies, have warm food waiting for me, and spend a night at home with D. Yes, I’ll take all of above thankyouverymuch.


What’s suddenly popping up in your world?



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12 responses to “All of a Sudden…

  1. All of a sudden…I’m going to have to start running LOOOONG runs again. BAH! This weekend will be about a 2 hr run. Weird when that seems kind of short.

    And suddenly, it seems like my summer is all booked! Eeks!

  2. I love this post Heather. A clear description of what REALLY LIVING is! Embracing the opportunities, the challenges, and the changes that make you grow stronger.

  3. Abby

    This is awesome.

    Suddenly, I am getting ready to begin a new job on Sunday–night shift! I found a half marathon over on Labor Day I want to run. Suddenly, I have realized that I have let myself get a little bit off track with eating too many sweets. Time to get my groove back and FOCUS.

  4. purpleshoe runs

    awesome to see someone else whose life is changing all the time : ) thanks for that tweet about how long it took to adjust to CO. it really put my own adjustment (or lack thereof) into perspective and made me feel a little more normal : )

  5. Lee

    All of a sudden, I got married almost a year ago! (June)

  6. Time has been flying, hasn’t it? I feel like I’m still new to NYC, but the truth is I moved here nine months ago! I feel like I’m still a new nurse, but I’ve been a nurse for two years….crazy, right? But sounds like all amazing things in your life, and time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂

  7. You have been living the sh*t out of life lately – exploring so many new and wonderful things. How very cool to look back at what you’ve done in such a short timespan. Way cool.

  8. Whoa! 10 months! DC still misses you, FYI.

  9. Life can be so sneaky sometimes! Last week, I would have said “Suddenly it’s RACE WEEK”.

    Sounds like lots of exciting things in your world! Love it!

  10. Tell me about it! Life moves SO FAST lately. Suddenly it’s been almost 3 months since we got engaged and moved into our house. Suddenly plans that seemed really far away are not so far away anymore! Life just moves so quickly sometimes, it’s hard to keep up!

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