Waking Up in Minneapolis

The work crew and I left bright and early yesterday morning for a quick two-day adventure to Minneapolis. I’ve never been to this city before, and I doubt we could’ve picked a better week to come. We left a grey, rainy sky behind in Denver (quit it, Denver, we miss the sun!) and were welcomed by a sunny blue one here. Success!

I skipped the usual Monday a.m. run, in leiu of sleeping until at least 4:30 a.m.. I packed running gear just in case, as always, and when we drove around Nicollet Island last night I knew I had to get in on this Minneapolis running thing. We may not be anywhere close to those gorgeous trails, but I had hopes the roads around our hotel would lead me astray for at least a few miles. 

I set the alarm for 5:45 and headed out into the sunrise, with no clue where the legs would lead me.

Luckily I threw that long-sleeve shirt in at the last minute; add it to my “DC Tee” (see it under there?) and shorts, for the right cool Spring morning attire.

I got out of the “shopping” area pretty quickly and found some neighborhood roads to wind around. No music, no one to chat with, just some signs of summer and house-lined streets. It was just what I needed, waking up for another day with another run.


Thank you, Minneapolis, for the sunshine! I’ll be back with more time to explore you at some point, but until then this filled the gap.



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5 responses to “Waking Up in Minneapolis

  1. that island looks cool !

  2. Lacey

    i LOVE running to “meet” new places. it makes you feel more at home. having the garmin is a huge help, too, so you don’t feel too lost 🙂 have a good trip!!!

  3. ooh, look at that gorgeous sunrise!

  4. I love exploring a new city on foot! Good way to start your work day!

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