Tired for Twelve

Friday found my legs nice and tight; they had many words to say about my Wednesday + Thursday double dose of Ryders. Yes, hamstrings, I hear you. I woke up early, without an ounce of motivation to run, but enjoyed the easy 5 miler and tried to shake out the lactic acid before Saturday’s 12.

Pre-long-run tradition doesn’t usually involve seeing how sore I can get the leg muscles before they just stop moving all together, but luckily they put up with the challenge. Pre-long-run tradition does usually involve pizza. So, at least we had that going for us!


With my favorite multigrain dough ball, courtesy of Whole Foods, I created a zucchini + red pepper + fresh basil & mozzarella masterpiece. This was coupled with a nice light beer and then a glass of vino with friends (plus a lot of water! Hydration, first).


Alright legs, you’ve been fueled. Time to go!


I had enough time for a relaxing bowl of oatmeal & some morning Giro-watching before I decided to head out. It was slow going at first, with a lot of wondering whether or not it was doable to hit those “faster” miles.

Luckily D & I had a fun afternoon/evening ahead in Ft Collins all planned out – places to be and people to see translated to “run faster!”, we need to hit the road!

The body cooperated for a goal-pace range and then fought the urge to call it a day when G beeped at “10”…then again at “11”. Keep going, shower, refuel and hit the road! No time for walking today.

“12”? DONE. 12 miles, 1:36, avg 8:01 m/m.

100_1627 *****

And now for those who truly deserve a shout-out after this weekend – if you haven’t read up on their latest adventures, you’re missing out!

Congrats to Katie (a 70.3 finisher! Despite the injury-odds) & Marlene (a BQ-er!)!

Who else crossed a Finish Line over the weekend? Let’s hear it, racers!



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9 responses to “Tired for Twelve

  1. Your pizza is perfection! Sounds like you had a great weekend and an awesome (speedy!) 12 mile run. 🙂

  2. Mmm…pizzzaaaa! That’s a speedy 12 miles. I like how future plans always propel us to run faster and just get the thing done. BEing busy actually does have its advantages in training at times. Nice work, chica! I did 11 today and was happy to simply finish double digits after 36 miles on the bike yest.

  3. speedy! Way to go legs! I think pizza helps with speed, right?

  4. what an inspiring pizza. I just LOVE pizza *drools* pizzaaaaaaaaaaa (said over the span of 3 minutes).

    By the way – good job on the time, there, as well 🙂 be proud!

  5. thanks for the shoutout, friend!!! i love the idea of zucchini on pizza, how was it? and nice 12!

  6. Oh my goodness that pizza looks great!

  7. That’s a super fast 12! Congrats! I am starting a training program soon for my first marathon and am super nervous about the long runs.

  8. OHHH you made me smile with the shout out. Thanks, girl!!

    Speedy 12 miler, especially on those tired legs. Looking strong, girl!

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