Will Work for Burpees

The muscles and I got tested this morning with the Ryders; will you quit for Burpees? Or work for them?

Less than fifteen minutes into class, we were told to take the seats off (of the bikes), and get ready for the next half hour to burn. A fun little game to throw into that mix? If you let your free weight (we each had one) touch the bar, 15 burpees. If you aren’t doing the exercises correctly, 15 more burpees. If you know you’re slacking and need to “rest” (we don’t do that here)….yup, more burpees!

Through a lot of lactic acid burn, a stubborn attitude and probably a little bit of luck, I managed to work it for that half hour and make into the last 3 people who had yet to do burpees. Finally we all threw one in for the team and paid our burpee-dues.

How many times can I type “burpee” before spellcheck ignores it?

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My muscles were a little sore from an arm-heavy double-dose yesterday (Ryders, then Yoga), and even without that this was one of the more challenging classes we’ve done (all relative here, whew).  Since my back and arms  (and eventually legs) are already telling me how they felt about this morning’s adventure, I know a limit or two was pushed.

But, let’s be honest, burpees aren’t really a “rest” from anything.
And I’m no fan of them.

On the other hand, my mind can go to every situation where I’ve hurt much more than “this”, whatever this is at the time. I think of mile 26, of the last 10 seconds in a 1-minute hand-stand wall-hold, of the very first time I went to Ryders and 50 squats left me sore for way too many days.

When my mind goes there, my muscles get distracted and remember that they can work. And they can get a little bit stronger.

Remind me tomorrow that I didn’t want more than those 15 burpees at the end; because I know some soreness will make me think otherwise.


What’s your go-to thought/situation when you need the muscles to push farther than you mind?

I immediately think of how badly I wanted to be done with my first marathon, after mile 18. I remember willing myself to push through it, even though my “goal” time was gone and it was not the experience I had dreamt up in my head. Crossing the Finish line, and then signing up for #2 (which went much more smoothly!) was worth it.



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13 responses to “Will Work for Burpees

  1. I HATE BURPEES. BOO! hahaha probably means I should do more of them… ugh. I haven’t done any since the last time I did Making The Cut ( Jillian Michael’s book+workout)

    • Heather C

      They’re NOT easy! Definitely a quick way to get your heart rate up AND tone your arms/legs/core. Whew.

  2. wow that sounds terrible! burpees are punishment. they leave me so winded. how do you hold weights on the bike?

    • Heather C

      One hand on the bike handles, one hand holding the weight 🙂

      When we use two weights (one for each hand), we’re either holding them * while* we hold the bike handles or we sit up and do exercises with them while our feet keep pedaling.

  3. WOW!! That is totally killer, and wicked badass with the seats off the bikes. I have GOT to try that class! So awesome.

    Let’s see – I usually think of the last three miles of my half last fall…I never thought I’d make it to the finish. I was so spent and just wanted to stop moving. Entirely. But I kept at it and PUSHED it as hard as I could at the end because I wanted to be done so very badly. Nothing compares to it, it was the hardest thing I ever did.

  4. Burpees always make me think of Katie from run this amazing day for some reason and now I’m going to think of you too! LOL!

    Great job making it to the final three. You are rocking these Ryder classes!

    Right now I can’t even remember the last time I “pushed” anything. But I can’t wait to do so, and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later!

  5. I think we think the same thing. Then I also try to think about the muscles, how strong they are, how they can develop more and more. Mind over matter!

  6. I can’t believe how INTENSE that Ryders class you do sounds. I would die. Die!

  7. I’m pretty sure burpees are the OPPOSITE of rest. I am pooped just reading about all of that!!! Way to push it!

  8. Burpees are hard… or will be when you do massive amounts. Great job! I BET you are extra sore now!!

    Depends on what setting i”m in- and what kind of encouragement I need- if in a group setting (like say Crossfit or a bootcamp, etc) my extra push is working WITH everyone around me- feeding off of their energy. Otherwise, I just close my eyes, take a deep breath, and GO!

  9. I really like what you said about finishing your first marathon. I had a similar experience and was ready for it to be over at mile 16. I had it built up so much in my head that it was going to be so amazing and it wasn’t. But I finished and it was worth it!

  10. Sounds really intense! But awesome. 🙂 The Tread class I went to this week really pushed my limits in speed and hills on the treadmill. I LOVED it. It’s hard to get that motivated to sprint outdoors…or by yourself, but when an instructor is commanding you, it’s show time!

  11. Lacey

    i’ve never done burpees… but i used to jump rope a LOT and that helped me tons. also basketball suicides helped as well. strength and speeeeeeeeeeeeed.

    i look back in awe/ shock at my first and only marathon. how the heck did i do that? i suffered through the last 4 miles or so and i really need to do another one to have a corrective emotional experience of sorts b/c i’ve begun to overdramatize it in my mind. i’m just nowhere near that level of distance/endurance/motivation/interest in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think eventually i will do another one 🙂 but i’m clearly not rushing into it. lol.
    things i say in my head… “this is for YOU” “get it” “take it” “GO” “make yourself” etc. 🙂

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