Speeding with BBQ Basil Burgers

Yesterday I tried a new tactic to get my mind into the speed-work zone; we ran early! Rather than doing my usual Tuesday morning yoga class and saving the mile repeats for after work, I got up and didn’t give my mind enough time to process the idea.

I am not a fan of mile repeats, but my legs and mind tried to convince  me otherwise.

I reached the trail and told the muscles to G-O. Within a minute my iPod died (fun!) and for the rest of this day it would be my voice singing Lady Gaga in my head (also fun!). Between “Bad Romance” on repeat and the countdown system I use (count down from 10 very sloooowly), I got through 2 miles – 7:07, 6:57.

That #3 is always trouble; halfway through I stopped and immediately wondered if there was somewhere nearby for a bathroom stop (Not. Fun.). After realizing what I already knew (no bathrooms here!), I went for the second half –
6:58 (0.5), 6:59 (0.5).

Whew. DONE!

A breakfast shop saved the day on the way home. Thank you for being in the middle of a residential area, breakfast shop!


Now for the fuel! Apparently I’m on a burger kick, and my taste buds are not complaining. The Basil Black Bean Burgers were a household hit last time; this is one repeat I can get behind.

GraduationWeekend 154GraduationWeekend 155

1 can black beans, rinsed
1/2 cup Red pepper, chopped
2 leaves fresh basil
Seasonings: garlic powder, pepper

2 tbsp sunflower seeds
1/4 c whole wheat flour

Pulse everything together in a Food processor (or you could mash the black beans and chop everything else very finely, then mix together). In a separate bowl, scrape the mixture out and add seeds & flour. Stir until all mixed together; form patties.

Bake at 400* for 10-12 minutes on one side; flip for 5 minutes on the other.

Prepare some crunchy lettuce & BBQ sauce to top!

GraduationWeekend 156GraduationWeekend 159

And with that, I’m off to Qi for the some strengthening. It is much needed this week!

What’s your I-needed-a-bathroom (on a run, hike, ride…) story?
Yup, let’s go there.



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9 responses to “Speeding with BBQ Basil Burgers

  1. I only have two stories.

    One is that I ran into Pita Pit and straight into the bathroom to fill my water bottles because I was going to die of dehydration, and I ran back out. There were lots of customers and I was kinda looked at but not so bad.

    But I didn’t really need a BATHROOM then so much as water.

    Two I was on my 20 mile long run day and spent a good 20 min in a real bathroom in a state park on the way. oops.

    Three my one and only time squatting was off of a nice paved trail through some woods by a creek I kept thinking – crap there’s no bathroom here, but I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO pee…. but I don’t do that! AAAAAUUUGGHH (I have peeing anxiety enough in public restrooms, I do not relate to those runners who pop a squat any and everywhere) but I had to. So I took this little trail back into the woods, presumably it exists to let people walk along the creek, but it was shielded from the path and it took two tries (gave up once, pulled up trou, tried to walk back, realized that wasn’t going to work) to finally pee.

    But after that I was golden. HAHA.

    Also I portalou’d it in my first marathon and the thing was NOT TABLE. it rocked back and forth like a chair w/ uneven legs. It was not great for sore muscles.

  2. good grief when did you get so fast? 🙂

  3. Abby

    You are a speed demon! 🙂 I don’t have any bathroom stories personally yet! lol. My boyfriend’s brother had to go during a long run on Easter Sunday morning and the closest place was a church that was just starting to have people gather for the service. He ran in frantically and was pointed in the direction of the bathrooms. lol.

  4. Alexis

    There are 2 parts to this. My part isn’t all that great. We live out between farms. So I have a spot that I know I can stop at to pee. The first time I told my husband I had to take a potty break he was very confused.

    The second story is my 3 yr daughter. We were out bike riding (she and her infant sister being pulled in the bike trailer by me). We all stopped for a pee break at the bathroom. 10 min into the next section my daughter has to potty (keep in mind we all just peed). Luckily we were near a small forest and because of our infant we have wipes. Others in the group were a little disgusted. It would have been much worse if I’d tried to get her to hold it for another 30 min. Yeah, the fun of kids.

  5. Mmm…i need to try those burgers. I’m impressed with your a.m. speed work. My legs barely comprehend running in the morning. Speed is much more difficult for them.

  6. Kate W

    Hah! Do I EVER!! Heather – lucky girl- has gotten to witness a few.

    GW Emergency Room at 6am in the morning. I have never seen a dirtier bathroom in my life. Not to mention the walks of life that linger around there after a long night.

    Rite Aid. Go Pharmacy!

    Olive Garden… When you’re there, you’re family!

    My good running friend’s apartment- on our 22-mile pre-marathon long run. Where I got to meet his infamous roommate for the first time and then quickly excused myself to his facilities.

    The bushes.

    As a running addict, the list will go on!

    Miss you, Heather!!

  7. You mean OTHER than the time I threatened to make the National Mall my personal Porta Potty if other Marine Corps Marathon runners wouldn’t let me cut in line for the actual Porta Potty? Hoo, boy, I’ve got a million! The time I ran weeping into a 7-Eleven in Adams Morgan and begged to use the non-public restroom would have to rank waaay up there.

  8. totally not something i would eat, but my husband would love me for eternity if i cooked him things like this!

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