Progressing to Week 2

I have an entire post full of photos that look too long to upload this morning (coming soon), but my internet connection had other plans. We really need to coordinate our calendars, and cooperate.

This weekend was not one that could go undocumented. As my Mom put it, “a photographer’s paradise” – and I won’t argue with that! It did not include any running, so thankfully I already had that all taken care of.

This weekend also came with a lot of big news from two of my best friends (in separate cities). Let’s just say D & I are already counting down the days until we hear some dates! To hold us over, we do have this photo perfection.

In the meantime, I jumped right into Week 2 of training with a progression run today. It’s already 55* at 6:30 a.m., and I could not be happier about it! This does pose the risk of being soaked by sprinklers on each run now, but I’m willing to take that risk. The legs started to wake up and were quick to let me know they’re ready for the next round!

Tomorrow, we speed.




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4 responses to “Progressing to Week 2

  1. Good news is in the air with springtime!!

  2. wow, what an exciting time! minus the computer issues, haha. Love the skydiving story!

  3. Elizabeth

    Ryan will be thrilled to hear that his photo is perfection. He was quite the professional – tripod and all!

    Thanks for the call and the love – we’ll keep you posted on dates!

  4. Congrats to your friends! Very exciting indeed.

    And sooo nice to NOT wake up to a chill in the air, though I know I will eat those words soon enough…

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