An Early Adjustment

D & I have started getting up to walk around the park in the morning; it’s surprisingly refreshing to start your day outside, no matter what the activity. It’s a fun way to get our days started together, talking about random things, ignoring that it’s too cold for Spring when it’s early, and enjoying the green scenery around us.

Even though he’s gone for work, my “rest” day was spent with this same scenic morning walk. Nature, I don’t mind waking up with you!
walk flowers

This was actually a great test for tomorrow; I have 11 miles to squeeze in before work (crazier things have been conquered, right Marlene?).

Leave it to me to create my own plan that I’m already rearranging within 4 days. Sheesh.

I forgot to take into account that we’re traveling this weekend. My little Sis is graduating from college (um, what?!), and we won’t arrive until around 11 p.m. on Friday night. Add that to these facts 1) I have no idea where to run 11 miles in Las Cruces and 2) I’d be running solo. A recipe for success? Nope. Recipe for “Um, I think I crossed the border on my run and I also have no idea how that happened”? Yes.

Kidding…sort of. The border is about 45 miles away.

Anyway, I’m no stranger to squeezing in a long run on the week day and it’s totally fine with me. It’ll be an early one tomorrow, but nothing most of us haven’t done before, right? Yes, among runners, this type of adventure is “normal”(a relative term, to us).

So, the new plan:

Wednesday: lululemon Group run, 3 miles: check!
Thursday: Rest (aka wish I was at Ryders, but suck it up for today). 
Friday morning: 11 miles.
Saturday or Sunday morning: 4 miles, Easy.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve consumed more Reese’s Eggs in the past two weeks than I care to admit. And I don’t mean the mini-sized ones, but I sure wish I did. Easter candy, be gone! I think we’ve finally cleared it all out. Whew.



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14 responses to “An Early Adjustment

  1. Reese Eggs are soooooo good! I should pick up a stash before they’re all gone for after the marathon. 😉

    YEAH I’m all over the pre-work long run. You will feel sooo good! Enjoy!!!

    • The temps have been up and down here as well, and I’m in TEXAS, crazy! Somethings just a little off this year.

      Just wanted to stop by to suggest a book, “Clean Food” by Terry Walters. I’m not too far into it yet but it’s about seasonal clean eating, whole foods, and includes 200 recipes divided up by season! Thought it might be something you’d like!

  2. Oy 11 miles before starting your day – that’s going to make for an early rise for sure!! I’m glad you rested today…you’re gonna need it for tomorrow!! PS. wish they had a Ryders class near me, I can’t say that enough – after hearing about it on your blog, I’m DYING to try it!!

    • Heather C

      I’m not sure where else they have the bikes? I know the owner/instructor here trained in NYC…ha, so, maybe they’re exclusive right now? Worth a little research, they’re much more fun than traditional Spin bike!

  3. I somehow managed to avoid the eggs entirely this year. I have no idea where that willpower came from. have a great weekend – I am also graduating this weekend!!!

  4. I hear ya on the Easter candy! LOL!

    Good luck on your long run tomorrow morning!!! Make sure you put some compression socks on for the flight so you’re legs don’t die on the plane. Have a wonderful weekend and congrats to sis!!!!

    P.S. I love the idea of getting up with D for a walk in the morning! I wonder if I could convince Spike to do that til I’m up and running… hmm….

    • Heather C

      Definitely worth trying! It’s my new favorite routine, just a great way to wake up and also enjoy the spring/summer season temps in the morning here 🙂

  5. I used to have to do my long runs wednesday when I was training for a marathon. I worked weekends and took a half day on wednesday. I think thats much easier than your case. hehe. YOU CAN DO IT!

  6. Jamie

    Good luck!

    Unfortunately, my son got three easter baskets, one from me and two from well meaning grandparents. I feel like the candy will never go away. I have managed not to nibble on it for the past couple days though!

  7. Abby

    I’m so glad our Easter candy is gone as well! lol. I love the spring and summer mornings and their temps! Getting up for a walk is a great idea!

  8. I’m confident you’ll get that 11 miler in no problem with your dedication and the upcoming fun weekend plans. Mmm…reeses!

  9. I wish I could get Billy up early to go on a walk with me! It’s not happening, though. 🙂 I did my long runs on Monday mornings last training round. It worked well for my life at the time. Good luck with the 11 miles tomorrow morning. You’ve got that!

  10. Lauren

    I could have showed you the 11 mile route here!! It is just full of wind and hills…heh. Oh and it is supposed to be 90 degrees on sat and sun…be prepareddd!! YAY! SUN!

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