Self Plan Motivation: Tempo Times

Last night presented the first mental challenge of this plan, and we’re only two days in! Mind, work with me here.

I’m not going to lie, part of me didn’t want to change out of my cute work-day outfit and sweat. Part of me wanted to put off the tempo run and do it this morning, instead. Since I typically work out in the morning, and started yesterday with a fun yoga class, I could not find my motivation anywhere. I wanted to walk around in the park, read outside in the sunshine, or relax on the couch. Gah!

But, I didn’t do any of those things. I pulled the card that always works: you never regret a run, you’ll feel better afterward. I also pulled the wardrobe-card: I had yet to break this shirt in. How inappropriate! I do run and heart DC.

Self-photo skills? Um, at least the shirt  & awesome shorts got in there.
5.4 002  5.4 001

C’mon shirt, let’s get out there and run.


The My Plan read “5 miles, Tempo 3 @ 7:20”.  Honestly, if that had not been typed and thought up by my own brain, I would’ve said “eh, 7:30s or 40s will be okay today, my legs feel a little tired”. But I wrote that, I know what I’m capable of, and there were no excuses. Legs, we have to at least try!

Warm-up (8:38) – 7:11, 7:15, 7:20 – Cool-down (8:20)

That first Tempo-mile was slightly downhill for the first half or so; I also just need to learn how to keep it down a little bit at the beginning so i have energy at the end. I can do this on every other run, why not the tempo?! WHY, TEMPO?

The second mile felt perfect, and the third felt a little too hard. Lesson learned!

I think the shirt had something to do with it – I kept smiling about what it said. Heh.


Have you grabbed any new running/workout gear lately? I hate to admit it, but retail therapy apparently works a little magic in all areas of life! I’ve had this shirt for a few weeks (Amanda designed them for the National Half!); and it was perfect to wait until I need that extra little boost (or, you know, wait until it was warm enough to sport it).

Updated to add: I have no idea where my Custom Header went…Help?? It’s still in my CSS code, but not showing up. So fun.



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19 responses to “Self Plan Motivation: Tempo Times

  1. where do i get one of those shirts??! love it.

    and, awesome job on the tempo! speedy, whew!

  2. runyogarepeat

    I got some free new running socks the other day! I’m an intern at a running office, and they always get free merchandise to try out for races, which we get to keep after! There’s also tons of old race shirts, but I would feel weird wearing a race shirt that I didn’t run.

  3. Elizabeth

    That shirt really did come out well. You know I was skeptical when you first described the design.

    As for new running gear…I’m definitely in the market (way overdue) for new running shoes. I’ve had the current ones for just about a year now.

  4. That is an awesome shirt!

    Way to get out there and run your tempo – nice job on the pace! 7:11?! Whoosh!

  5. Heather C

    Thanks! Now if I can HOLD a 7:11, that’d be even better 😉 Or atleast reverse those times so I get faster, not slower…

  6. Lauren

    Umm where can I get me some of those shorts!?!? I lika them.

  7. jen

    Will you be doing the Lululemon run tonight in Cherry Creek? I’d like to go!

  8. I found AWESOME running capris at Old Navy. i was shocked! They were only $25, have a pocket in the back, and are so comfortable. Everything in the store is BOGO half off, so 2 pairs for $37.50 is NOT bad!

  9. Abby

    I need to find this Lululemon joint. lol. I had never heard of it before until I began blog reading…I’ve seen so many cute things though!

  10. I love this outfit! Those are some fun shorts and I love running related tshirts. My fav. I picked out just a few items at lulu last weekend…a headband and a racerback tank. I wanted more, but they didn’t have the colors and sizes I wanted. Thank god we don’t have one in Eugene. It would be my nemesis.

  11. Last night was my second straight tough run in humidity. Self-motivation can definitely be challenging on days like these.

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