Approaching Another 13.1

Today marked Day 1 of yet another training cycle; it seems never-ending, and I love it that way.

Today also marks a significant turn in American history, which was a good distraction as I logged miles that seemed very insignificant.


I finally found a race that worked, timing-wise, with my goals and schedule. I have a five week training plan, with a brand new approach. After ten half-marathons, a fresh strategy is long over-due.

Rather than relying in the trusted RW Smart Coach, I created this one all on my own. Every time I create one of those plans, I follow it, but always make my own adjustments and almost never pay attention to the recommended pace. I know my body better than an online calculator, right? I also know my schedule better!

Taking into account the way my weeks already play out, this made more sense. I factored in Yoga and Ryders’ classes that I refuse to miss, and that only add to the plan as a whole – stretching and strengthening on a consistent basis? Yes, I can finally get behind that notion.

All of that being said, here’s how my month will look:

Taste of Louisville Training

Wednesdays = Lululemon Group Run (typically a very easy pace, conversational and just enjoying the company of new runners).
Sundays = “Restorative Yoga”. D joined me for this last night; it’s half an hour of poses and stretching, and half an hour of 2-3 very relaxed, resting poses. In other words, it’s amazing.

Monday, Progression Run: 5 miles? Check!

This is one of my favorite workouts; don’t push as hard as a Tempo Run, but let the legs warm up and settle into a faster pace. The goal is to aim for Race Pace by the end, without feeling like death when you get there. Today, that looked like this: 8:58, 8:06,7:43, 7:35, 7:30.

Things are off to a good start!

Have you made your own training plan before? What was your strategy?

I’ve made two for my Sister now, but had yet to really create one (from scratch) for myself. I don’t know what took me so long, and my fingers are crossed that this brings me to the starting line ready to race!



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18 responses to “Approaching Another 13.1

  1. Abby

    I’ve never made my own training plan before, I just kind of modify other ones that I have seen on the internet to work with my schedule. I just ran my first half marathon yesterday and the plan I followed had the longest long run as 10 miles. I did not feel like that prepared me well enough for the race! I did finish in 2:01:26 but I was hoping to be under 2 hours. I know it is not a long shot off but I was not thrilled about it! lol. There is another race on June 12th that I would like to sign up for. Do you have any suggestions for a training plan for me?

    • Heather C

      Well you should definitely capitalize on the fitness you have from this first race, but first let your legs recover! From there I would follow a 4 -5 day/week plan (depending on what you do now), and aim to keep your log runs between 10-12 miles. I don’t usually taper very much for Halfs, but if you’re still getting into the distances, take your own needs into account 🙂

  2. I loveloveLOVE creating training plans. It’s just like you said, you know what your body can handle and on what days of the week you’re best suited to do your tempo/long runs & speedwork. I’ve found it’s much easier to follow something you’ve tailored to yourself personally – it makes it less intimidating!

    • Heather C

      True! Plus it makes for less days where I veer off the plan because my schedule doesn’t like how it’s laid out 😉

  3. Nice looking plan! I let hubs make all of mine – I don’t have the patience to build it from scratch, but I do like going over it with him afterwards and “negotiating” on things. 😉 “I’ll trade you these intervals for a tempo…” hehe

    Good luck on the plan, I know you’ll rock it! 1:39:xx!!

    I like your strategy on the tempos – 3 miles at 7:20 followed by 3 mi at 7:05 before increasing to 4 miles. May have to implement that on the next round!

    • Heather C

      ha! I would love to hear those negotiations go down 😉 Sounds like you guys came to quite the agreement though, given how your training is going!

  4. Sounds like a winner! I agree – strengthening and stretching will be so beneficial to your running performance. That’s something I plan to do much more consistently if/when I train for another race!

  5. What a great plan you have – I especially dig the yoga thrown in there for good stretching after those lonnnnng runs! I’m looking forward to committing to my next half and building a training plan that includes a fair amt of cross training and stretching, two things I didn’t do enough of last time around.

    • Heather C

      I’ve never incorporated much of any “cross training” into a plan, until this Spring. It’s been working so well for me, if nothing else it teaches my legs to run hard even when they’re tired 😉

  6. Lauren

    I love your training plans!! I wish I knew my summer job situation so I would know if I could run this race with you! Dag nabbit. When does the price of registration go up?

    • Heather C

      Not a clue! I’ll check for ya 🙂 Either way, I”m sure there are plenty more races to choose from – maybe even on in YOUR city this time.

  7. runyogarepeat

    Nice plan! I made my plan for my upcoming half and made it based on what days are best for running and what other classes (spin, yoga) I wanted to go to. I switch it up sometimes based on my schedule and the weather.

    • Heather C

      This is the first time my “class” (yoga, spin) schedule has had any sort of consistency, so it was easier to create a plan based off of that! Weather…that’s an entirely different beast here in Denver 😉

  8. Nice work on the progression run. I would love to follow my training plans better. But because there are so many running group activities where I See my friends, it’s hard to go do a tempo or something when I want to run with people who aren’t training for something. Plus, Monday is our group run and Tues is typically when I’d like to be doing a tempo with Thursdays as speed work day. Bah, perfect schedules just don’t happen. I’m just happy if I can get in the distance that I planned for. What half are you training for?

    I’ve done a lot of my own “training plans” but they aren’t super serious. Usually still just a go with the flow kind of approach.

  9. Let’s ignore the fact that i initially posted this on the wrong post. Mmmk? 😀

    heheh your “easy” pace is now my tempo pace. waaaaaaaaaah! slow down. :p

    Looks like a PR plan to me!

  10. purpleshoe runs

    you’re getting so freaking fast! holy wow! hope the plan works well! when I come back to the US maybe I’ll have you write me a plan so I can be a badass like you : )

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