When Spring Passes Through

I’ve realized that the term “Spring”, referring to the season, defines itself with ups and downs in Denver. One day we have 70*, beautiful, warm, sunny blue skies. That night, the temperature has dropped to 35 and we have snow flurries brushing our windshield as we drive home.

Windy, warm to cold faster than I can blink, and usually sunny – that is Spring in Denver. Alright, Colorado, I’m catching onto you!

What this means is, when my kind of Spring passes through – warm, calm winds, sunny skies, blooming plants and trees – I have to take advantage!

So I did.


4.29 003 4.29 061

Friday morning, after being awake for four hours, it was time to run. It was a short-sleeves and shorts morning, and Martha was ready to run, too. I ran a quick three miles down to meet her, and another three around Wash Park with my buddy. While we could’ve used a water-companion, too, the weather could not have been more cooperative. 6.5 miles, 55:20, avg 8:30

Spring-time run: Check! Next up: a Botanic adventure.

I live so close to this oasis, and had never stepped foot inside. Now that I know what I was missing, I’m seriously considering buying a pass so I can spend many Summer days surrounded by this:

4.29 001 4.29 004 4.29 010 4.29 013

At no point do you see the downtown skyline, or any other indicator that you’re right in the middle of a city. All you see is greenery, and endless sky and a lot of blooming buds!

4.29 019 4.29 024
4.29 008 4.29 029
4.29 049 4.29 051

The sky was playing its own games, one minute it was blue and one minute it was cloudy. I had fun catching the random glimpses of sunlight, as did my camera.

4.29 046 4.29 067
4.29 016 4.29 058

Spring, you may not be consistent, but you are certainly worth it when you pass through Denver.


How do you enjoy the warm weather when it comes out to play?



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6 responses to “When Spring Passes Through

  1. Colorado in the spring and summer is my favorite. Such beautiful colors and cool mornings. Bliss!

  2. Those botanic gardens are gorgeous! We have the Arboretum here in Dallas which is beautiful, but I think mountains in the background would make it better. 😉 I love bike rides and picnics on those perfect spring days.

  3. The botanical gardens look BEAUTIFUL! What a great spot so close to home.

  4. Lauren

    I go to the pooool 🙂 🙂 However, Spring in LC equals wind….and lots of it. GOO!

  5. mamacita

    Beautiful pics – let’s definitely plan a visit to the gardens when we are in Denver this summer. Glad you are enjoying this “oasis” in the heart of the city.

    Love, Mamacita

  6. Liz

    Gorgeous pics! I try to spend as much time outside as possible in Spring – runs, bike everywhere, eating outside at restaurants and hikes in Rock Creek Park.

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