What I’ll Wake Up For

Last night we set the alarm for 3:55 a.m., with no thanks to the time zones but a lot of anticipation for tuning into the Royal Wedding.

Yes, I’ve watched and loved every second of it.


I remember my Mom’s admiration for Princess Diana, and I never really understood the captivation. As I got older I loved seeing pictures of her, and loved all the magazines and books that came out after she passed. But until this fresh, young, new engagement, I didn’t understand the full appeal.

RoyalWedding.4.29 001 RoyalWedding.4.29 003

While I wasn’t running out to purchase every cover they appear on, or read every last article printed about the nuptials, I was more than happy to wake up before dawn this morning and watch history happen. And as D can attest, I hopped right onto the couch and watched with a silly grin as the LIVE coverage began. Yup, I even took pictures.

RoyalWedding.4.29 004 RoyalWedding.4.29 007
RoyalWedding.4.29 009 RoyalWedding.4.29 012
RoyalWedding.4.29 023 RoyalWedding.4.29 026
RoyalWedding.4.29 028 RoyalWedding.4.29 030

Clearly, now, I get it!

She looked stunning; they played off each other with friendly, happy interactions; like everyone else who got up to watch, I’m officially hooked.

I thought of you, Mom! I hope you saw it, too. 🙂


With that, I’m off to do the other thing I happily get up early for –
a morning run

Who else woke up to watch this morning – how early was your alarm set?

Happy Friday, Royal Wedding Day, and birthday to you, Larisa!



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6 responses to “What I’ll Wake Up For

  1. Abby

    I woke up early this morning! I set my alarm for 4:45 AM. It is so great to wake up and take in something positive in the morning!

  2. You crack me up. I googled pics of it at my cousins insistence this morning but that’s about it….

  3. Eeee, I can’t wait to go home and watch the coverage! I totally would have gotten up to watch, but I was up at 3:30AM for another reason (run-muting to work for my long run).

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I got up at 445am and clearly missed some of the best parts (close ups of the dress!). But it was fun to be up early for the occasion. I also baked some healthy banana bread which was mighty tasty. Finally, I forced myself out the door for a little run run run. 🙂 Happy Royal Wedding Friday to you!

  5. healthycollegegirl

    I didn’t wake up for it, but I made sure to have my mom DVR it for me so I can watch it when I come home! 🙂 Didn’t she look stunning? I absolutely loved her dress!

  6. I’m leaving in England so it happened near the end of the morning for me. Felt like it was right out of a fairy tale. Kate Middletion is absolutely gorgeous and she looks so natural. I’m very please she’s part of the royal family

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