Stir-fry Sweet Potato Pasta

If you ever find yourself in a cooking “rut”, create a weekly dinner-date routine with a friend. It’s working wonders over here!

Before I cooked and created, I ran and tempo’d.


Starting the day with Yoga usually has my stretched and posed legs ready for a run by the end of the day. I satisfied this craving by heading to Wash Park and testing out a few faster miles.

I couldn’t decide between a Progression run or a Tempo run; after essentially skipping a warm-up phase, I went right into the latter. The first mile felt great (7:30), the second mile was probably a little too fast (7:13), and by the third (7:15) I was repeating those mantras over and over.

I stopped for quick walk to let my heart-rate calm down and forgive me, and then picked it back up for a not-so-slow cool-down. Looking back over the pace, my mind was telling me “go with a progression, it’s a little easier!” and my legs were like “psh, we’ll show you!”

Whew. Good thing we all survived.


Time to eat!

D & I only picked up the basics at Whole Foods Monday night (after being gone all weekend), with no meal-planning whatsoever. See above statement: friend coming over = creativity spiked!


Stir-Fry Sweet Potato {Quinoa} Pasta
Makes ~3 servings

1 sweet potato
~3-4 servings of Pasta (adjust to your own needs)
1/2 cup purple onion, sliced
1 tbsp EV Olive Oil
1/2 cup Plain Non-fat Greek Yogurt
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Agave

Scrub the ‘tater, poke with a fork a few times, and microwave for ~3 1/2 minutes.

Cook pasta as directed (I used Quinoa noodles, so this was a GF dish!). In a separate pan, heat the oil and carmelize the onions. When the potato is done, chop into cubes and add to the onions. Season with nutmeg & cinnamon.

Drain pasta; stir in Greek yogurt, potato and onion mix, and drizzle agave over the entire mixture. Done! And Delicious.



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9 responses to “Stir-fry Sweet Potato Pasta

  1. Nice splits, girl! Sometimes those legs have their own ideas – luckily you can always hold your own!

  2. Sweet potato and pasta sounds out of this world! I’m going to be stealing this one 🙂

  3. your description of your run cracks me up. i’m glad you all survived as well. 🙂

  4. Um. That looks incredible. I never would be able to come up with such a creative option myself. I swear! Mouth watering over here.

  5. Your dinner looks delicious! I’ve been loving quinoa pasta, and I could easily sub hummus for yogurt to make it dairy-free. I thought about you on my run this morning. I can REALLY feel the benefits of yoga on these legs/knees on mine. I can’t imagine running now without practicing yoga as well.

  6. Aahhh that pasta looks amazing! I love how much you cook with Greek yogurt…..are you a fan of FAGE? I recently discovered Kefi cultured milk at Trader Joe’s….It has a consistency of runny yogurt. Plain Kefi tastes similar to FAGE. Sadly, the nearest Trader Joe’s is two hours away in Raleigh.

    • Heather C

      Fage is in my fridge right now – Love it! Greek yogurt is so versatile, I’ve actually been cooking with it much more than I’ve been just eating it as a snack or for breakfast (i.e. the more “traditional” uses 😉 ). We used to buy the TJ’s brand all the time – it’s so cheap and tasted great, I miss it!! (Closest one is in the next STATE – ah!)

  7. Aysha

    Great recipe idea! I was wondering if you often eat gluten-free and if so, do you notice a difference in your running/yoga, energy, everyday feeling-wise? I haven’t tried the quinoa pasta before, but since I love quinoa this is now on my must try food list.

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