Chilly Tempo Test

Aside from two ‘Warrior’ workouts and few yoga poses that tested my stretchable limits, I’ve taken it pretty easy on the legs since the Platte Half. Having raced them hard twice in as many weeks, I thought they could use a break.

Instead I roused up the lactic acid with the above-mentioned adventures and a ride on the road bike, with D, for the first time in months. My sit bones didn’t thank me for that, but a sunny day on the road did!

My muscles have been perpetually sore since Thursday, it’s fun.

With easy miles checked off the list Monday, it was time for a test. Were we ready for tempos again? Is it safe to get back in the groove?

Let’s find out.


6:15 a.m.: Wake up call, 1/2 banana + water, dressed for the cold!

6:40 a.m.: On the sidewalks! And wondering if I’ll get soaked or snowed on. Feeling the tempo attitude coming…

Warm –up thoughts on pace: It should be at least 7:30s, if I raced at ~7:45 comfortably for a much longer distance. Got that, leggies?

7:26, 7:21, 7:26

Cool-down thoughts on pace: Whoop! I’m tired now.


Test: passed! As I’ve alluded to, I have a few goal races in mind for the coming months, all in preparation for a bigger race this Fall. It’ll be a challenging process, but that’s the fun part.

Are you a tempo-run fan? How do you decide speed work paces?



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5 responses to “Chilly Tempo Test

  1. Elizabeth

    I am absolutely not a tempo-run fan. So the easy answer to deciding my speed work pace is that I don’t.

    However, I may have to rethink that if I want to get my time down this October…

  2. for tempo, I try and use it as race pace miles – not average, but end of race. for example, for national, i was planning on running the last 4-5 miles at 7:45ish pace, so that was what I did in tempo.

  3. Nice work, chica! My tempo paces are usually dictated by our running coaches at Thurs night workouts. And sometimes, like last night, they’re dictated by my legs. They wanted to go faster so I let them. Even though I was trying to go on an “easy” run, my legs just pushed faster, which I was okay with.

  4. Way to go on the tempo! Those legs know what to do, sore or not!

    I find it hard to decide on target paces for tempos, but usually try to dial into that “comfortably hard”… leaning towards hard. 🙂

  5. woot! nice job on the tempo run! 🙂

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