A Healthy Reality Check

Things that have happened over the past few months, even the last week, have brought the ‘life is short’ message too close to home. I can sit here, type, and say that I’m lucky; the people I love are still very much alive and ready to kick it.

Sometimes genetics/family history just don’t hand us the right cards, but we do have control over a whole host of other things. We can eat healthy, choose to make meals at home, choose where we eat out, and choose what we grab at the grocery store.

We can also work every muscle, to keep them strong.

At 24 I can say that I exercise because I love the endorphin rush, the challenge, the progress and the goal-setting. I may not always be able to train for a marathon, or {try to} lift a keg over my head, or do a headstand in yoga. But that’s all up to me; I can choose to keep working hard, not only for the physical and mental satisfaction, but for my health.

We can all say we exercise for a variety of reasons, but do you really stop to think about how it will help you in the long-term? It brings a new perspective to the things we already enjoy, so let that push you a little further next time.

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On that note, choose what YOU love to do.
Life’s too short to waste your time on anything else.


Today, I kept my health in check by working it “Mountain Warrior” style (yes, that’s what the classes are really called. I can’t make this up).

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We started on the bikes, with seats (a luxury these days) and wrist-weights. Usually this involves some arm exercises while the feet pedal away, today was boxing-style. Don’t fight me, I’m trained by the best!

Press “Stop”, hop off the bikes.

There were about 20 stations in the circuit, a little taste of it all -  wall-sits (one-legged), push-ups, crunches, burpees, lunches, calf-raises, tricep dips, vertical jumps and planks. 

My endorphin levels were served and happy .


What are you doing for your health today?



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14 responses to “A Healthy Reality Check

  1. I’m leading a hula hoop class and then a zumba class, and then heading home to make a nice lean healthy meal and spend time with my hubby. 🙂 And get some GOOD SLEEP tonight!

  2. I get tired just reading abouta ll of these crazy classes you do. 🙂

    This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, actually. Every day I am making all the best choices I can – taking care of my body, eating well, hydrating, working my muscles and then allowing them to heal… it’s all in the name of achieving short (and long) term goals, but also for my health. I look around at the way some people take their bodies and lives for granted and it seems like such a shame. This is a bit cliche but we only get one body, let’s take good care of it!

  3. Great message (and um, awesome workout, wish I had a class like that around me!). For me? Last night I killed it with a shoulder/leg triset series followed by some core work with Core Fusion. Today I have a run on the schedule and am really hoping the rain holds off. At the end of the day, you are so right – choose to do what you love and choose to live a healthy, fit and happy life. Great post.

  4. I chose an apple + PB over chips as a side for lunch. Chips taste good, but I don’t always feel all that great after I eat them!

    Running will happen soon…yay!

  5. Jamie

    Where do you take these classes? It sounds like fun to me… Of course I say that now but maybe I would be dying LOL

    • Heather C

      It’s at the QiRyders studio (www.qiryders.com) on Colfax! You should definitely check out the classes, they’re unique to say the least 😉

  6. Lauren

    I am going running! Not gonna lie, I have been slacking due to weekend festivities 😉 I started to get back on track with a kettlebell workout yesterday. Let’s just say I am soooore and I like it! 😀 The workout dvd is from the same guy that did that warrior yoga one you gave me. Bob something 🙂 However, today is a nice run day. 88 degrees. Whooop! Also, thinking about making cooking light green chili chicken enchiladas! Nom nom nom

  7. well said Heather. Its not about the calorie burn, its about the burning Passion and health that strive for! I choose to live actively and hope that can burn a passion into others!

  8. SO TRUE! Why drag our butts to the gym for 60 minutes a day because that’s what “we’re supposed to do” if we don’t enjoy it? Life IS too short, we need to do things we love!

  9. Hey lady, I hope you and your family are doing ok. This post has me a bit worried, but I know you do the best you can to deal with what life throws at you. I rode my bike to work and am hoping to get in a walk at lunch and maybe a little run after work. Basically, I’m soaking up the sun because it feels like a treat these days. Have a great day!

  10. Alexis

    I got on the eliptical during naptime today. That is a luxury I don’t usually get (Spring Break right now…this teacher is off from work but doing a TON at home). I decided to take this week off from running because of an ankle injury that doens’t seem to be going away.

    I exercise for 2 main reasons: Tori and Audrey (my girls). I want to be around for them; I want to always keep up with them; I want to set a good example for them.

  11. Abby

    I ran 5 miles and went to Body Pump today! 🙂

  12. I love this! And 100% agree to do things that we love. Life is precious – make everyday count. I went for a long bike ride this morning and an evening yoga class. And I’m eating an apple with almond butter RIGHT now for “dessert”. 🙂

  13. i am drinking a glass of red wine for my health this evening! 😉

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