Featured Racer: The Little Sis & Her Big PR

Please welcome the Sis, Lauren, and her very first blog post! I casually asked if she would be willing to write about her experience; I found myself laughing, and then almost in tears, while reading the candid recap of her training thoughts and race-day mind games. Her personality knows no bounds; enjoy the treat!


To start this “guest blog” out I will introduce myself – many of you know me as “the Little Sis”, so we will stick to that.

Also, as most of you know, I just completed my second half marathon! Now that we have all heard Heather’s thoughts and feelings about the race, it’s my turn.

100_1540 100_1549

Let’s just say wind is not my friend. I deal with wind a lot in Las Cruces {NM} and always complain about how bad it makes me run. Two things I was excited about for the race in Denver were a  flat course and no wind. Yes, of course I was worried about the elevation (LC is about 3300 ft), but being from northern NM  {5500 ft} I knew it couldn’t make that much of a difference since I run at home a lot.

The morning of the race was awesome because our good friend the sun decided to join us for the 9AM race! Mr. Weatherman had been making us very nervous saying the high for Sunday was 49 and rainy…Goo. I am used to lovely 70-80 degree weather; 49 degrees means I am in the gym playing on the exercise machines for my workout that day! However, I knew what I was getting into signing up for a half-marathon in Denver.

I just wanted to run again with my sister!

PlatteRiverHalf 003 PlatteRiverHalf 004 PlatteRiverHalf 018

Anyways…the sunshine made me a happy girl, and it didn’t seem too unbearably cold outside. I knew I could run in it! I didn’t realize the wind was bad until we actually got to the race, but I was too excited, anxious and nervous to really care about it.

Race time!

PlatteRiverHalf 020PlatteRiverHalf 029 PlatteRiverHalf 024

Starting out was lovely. I ran with Heather as long as I could…heh, that’s not very long. I lost her about a mile in due to a weird guy wanting to run RIGHT behind her -  makes things awkward when running a narrow path with lots of people around.

So, I figured ok, I’ll just keep her in my sight. Once again that lasted about a mile. So then I just went into my own little running world.

The rest of the race was a roller coaster of feelings for me. Cramped calf = walk, stretch. Wheezing breathing = walk. Water break = walk. You get my drift? I didn’t have the best run of my life, but I did enjoy myself.

The wind sucked, we all agree on that, but just being in the moment of running a race again is so fun to me. I love everyone’s determination, all the different kinds of people coming together for one thing we all have in common…we love to run!

Also, the support is everything! Having our Mom and boyfriends there to cheer us on and support our running was so awesome! So much encouragement and love is exactly what I needed after being kind of upset about my time. I trained a lot harder for this race than my first one and was really hoping to do a lot better. Sometimes things just don’t go our way, though, and you just have to look at the positive side of the situation: It was my second race, everyone I loved was there cheering me on and even setting the lead for me, and best of all I still beat my time of my first race so I now get the experience of my first PR!

100_1568 100_1569

Yup, life is good. I am already planning my third half marathon that I will get a better time on!

1:57.02; 8:57 average mile pace.
727 / 2235 people total;
278/1342 -  Women;
23 / 92 in my age bracket.

I got these results off the website and that was fun!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a fancy-shmancy watch that tells me each of my mile paces, I definitely need to get one of those to help me know how fast I’m running!

100_1570 100_1571 100_1572

Thanks for all the motivation, Heather, keep up that speedy running of yours! You make me work harder and harder every day. I love it 🙂

I believe I am supposed to end with a question so everyone leaves me comments! So, let me leave you with this… Do you have siblings that have influenced your exercise lifestyles? And if so ,then how?



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19 responses to “Featured Racer: The Little Sis & Her Big PR

  1. Dustin

    Hi laur laur!
    First comment! hehehe
    Love your post baby! I am so super proud of you, and our trip was so fun!

    Being close with my sister, we’d always go on little hikes and bike trips together. And we still do every once in a while! 😀

  2. Hehe, I see that “little sis” has a great sense of humor and is an excellent story-teller just like her big sis. Thanks for the guest blog and congrats again to little sis!!!

    So to answer your question: ummm, my brother and I used to play tag a lot??? Yeah that is about the extent of it. I wish my siblings/family were into this whole running/fitness thing.

  3. Congrats to you on your second Half and shiny new PR little sis!!! Sounds like you made the absolute most of the day despite all that nasty wind. Good job!!!

    As for your question, my elder of my two younger brothers is currently training and hopes to run his first Half with me either this fall or early next year and I can’t wait!

  4. LOVE this!! My sis and I run together, workout together, hang out together, etc. We’re very close. We especially bond over our workouts, and running has been something we’ve learned to love together. I LOVE to see you two racing together, it’s such a special experience and a special bond, isn’t it?

  5. My brother and I ran out first half last year and though he beat me, I had fun running it with him. We ran the same race again this year, and were joined by my dad, sister, cousins, uncle, and girlfriend.

    Awesome first post, LC. Come run DC with us next year!

    • Lauren

      Wow your whole family does it! Sweeet! I am working on “my” Dustin to run my next one with me! And yesss I would love to come to DC again and run a race. That would be so fun 🙂

  6. Whoo that’s a super sweet time! Way to go heathers little sister 🙂 I think it’s great that you guys run together and motivate each other!!

  7. Abby

    My siblings aren’t really into exercise! 😦 I wish they were because I would love to share one of my favorite things with them!

  8. Mamacita

    Oh my goodness I love this post, made me lol so good thing I read it during our test break. It was such a fun weekend; loved spending time with my daughters and their boyfriends. So proud of our girls! You two are so darn cute too!
    Love, Mamacita

  9. yay sis! Thats an awesome race. well minus the wind. I would have been whining the whole time. haha. You and heather are just adorable.

  10. Nice work, L! Love the name too! 😉 Those first few half marathons are so fun. And the great part is, there is so much room for improvement and so many courses out there to explore.

    I think I’m the sibling in my fam who is the “inspiration” although I’m not sure either of my bros have any need to do running races. Both are younger than me. One is 2 yrs younger and the other is 10 yrs younger. The little little bro just started rugby and bought a road bike a few yrs ago and is finally getting in tough with his athletic side. The little bro has a terrible knee leftover from football and wrestling and mostly just does lifting and a little bike at the gym.

  11. runyogarepeat

    Funny race recaps are awesome! My sister is not a big running fan, but sometimes, she has to run for crew practice, so sometimes she texts me her fast mile splits to brag. I’d love to get her to run, but I’m really impressed with her rowing skills.

  12. I love this! Race recaps are just awesome. Each one is different, but with the same undertone. My sister and I just ran a half marathon together several weeks ago and it was an incredible experience! Congratulations on your awesome race!

  13. Hey “little sis” I think you’re pretty speedy yourself — way to go!

  14. great job lil sis! your a rockstar!

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