Readjusting to 5280

Last week took a blow to my ego; after running my dream race over the course of 13.1 miles and coveting a PR, I came back to mile-high altitude and shocked the system. We had been at sea-level for 6 days, apparently just long enough for the extra red blood cells I had acquired over the past 8 months to decide their work was done. Adios!

That is not fair, altitude.

A tempo run was “successful” in pace, but the effort needed was a clear indicator that the 5280 adjustment doesn’t come easily. Realizing that my 7:30 miles weren’t coming back as quickly, and perhaps my legs were a little tired from their effort, I succumbed to the needed “recovery/readjustment” week. 

I rounded out the week with a Long Run – 8 to 10 miles, we’ll see – and while my average pace was slightly back to “normal”, I still felt like I was sucking wind. Where’s my Oxygen?! I cut it off in the middle (9 miles), satisfied.

You win again, Denver. But I’m onto you!


This week should be another race-preparation effort.

My schedule is changing; I’m no longer on my feet all day at work (back to the desk-life!), and I had my first post-9-5 day run last night. It was 50* and a reminder that Spring is amazing; I held my easy pace back where I want it to be, and it felt so good.

The rest of the week looks to be filled with yoga, run buddies, Wash Park, and the lulu-group – easy effort, chatting & enjoyable miles. This is my version of “taper” and relax!

3.3 042 1.26 007 xmas09 034

Who knows what will happen on Sunday – other than a guaranteed fun-run with my Sister, Mom and boys there to cheer us on, and another Finish Line!


What’s on your sweat list this week?



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13 responses to “Readjusting to 5280

  1. I can’t begin to imagine what that elevation feels like. We are at something like 500 ft here! You should just train in Denver and schedule all of your “A” races at sea level. Might as well capitalize on it!

    Enjoy your week!

  2. How’s Sister’s training coming along? Are you still worried?

    • Heather C

      See below…

      Maybe I can pace her, or vice versa, and we’ll actually run together? Only Sunday will tell!

  3. Lauren

    Who’s worried mister Runographer?? Sister’s training is coming along GREAT! I no longer complain while running 8 miles, trust me! 😉 I am kiiiinda worried about the elevation, not gonna lie. We are at like 3,00o here and it is a consistent 80 degrees. I looked at the weather in Denver on Sunday and saw 50 and this little cloud with rain coming out of it…goo. Hopefully I will bring sunshine there with me (and mamacita and “my D”) 😀 See you Friday seester!

  4. oooh, I hope this job change is a good one. welcome back, red blood cells, ouch! I hope they are back in action soon!

  5. Hence why every Ironman trains in Boulder, lol.

    You still have a finish line in site, LOVE your competitive spirit.

  6. Hit the tm on my lunch hour and do a another run when I get home:))

  7. I am hoping the weather will stay nice so I can get some exercise outside!

  8. i wish it would warm up here already!!!

  9. Your week sounds wonderful! I’m diving right in to trying out different yoga studios around town. 3 in the past 6 days. I love it! I also have lulu running group tomorrow night and I’m trying to go to yoga at least every other day. I don’t see any reason why not. 😉

    I’m glad you’re planning to just have fun Sunday with your sister. That’s the best approach possible! I hope your lungs and legs get used to the altitude more and more everyday this week. 🙂

  10. I have never managed a first run “back” in Colorado without gasping or stopping to walk. That altitude will get you—good excuse to take a break and reacclimate while you taper!

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